Catching up…

I have let my blog posting duties slide somewhat over the last week or so, but truth be told we haven’t really done anything worthy of writing a post about.

The weather has been crummy for about a week with massive thunderstorms and torrential rain. Once again we have been forced to dig a moat around the awning to stop it being flooded and we now have a very attractive plank of wood across it to act as a bridge (cats are pleased as Molly was getting fed up of having to jump across). The moat seems to have become a highway for ants with loads of them scurrying up and down. I am so impressed with ants, they seem super intelligent and work so hard. If you look closely you will see they are operating under a two lane system with all the ants going one way back to the nest carrying something (seeds, grass, dead insects) and all those going in the other direction away from the nest being empty handed – told you we haven’t been up to much!!

The weather seems to be better now so hopefully we can get back out and about again.

We did manage a bike ride on Sunday on the ‘Ecopista’ in Evora. It is a disused railway line that they have turned into a cycle track/walkway that runs for about 25km to Arraiolos. We didn’t do the whole lot but had a leisurely cycle for a few hours until it started to threaten rain and then we came home. The funny thing about cycling here is that it is a very male dominated sport. In fact I have yet to see a female cyclist and I do get some strange looks; I am obviously encroaching on a male only pastime. Our picnic stop also got some strange looks and it would seem that it is also not the done thing when cycling to stop for a munch!! Don’t think hubby would last too long if out with these guys if he wasn’t allowed to stop and eat!!

Our other big occasion this week was that Oscar turned 18 on Saturday. The old boy enjoyed a leisurely day of sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping before partaking of a rather tasty salmon steak in the evening and retiring to the bed for some more zzzz’s. Can’t believe we have had him in our lives since he was a rather fluffy and cute 6 month old kitten. He’s still as cute and here’s wishing him a few more years of salmon steaks yet.

That’s pretty much it for this week. Sebio at the campsite has now finished the swimming pool and is letting it dry ahead of the grand opening on Sunday or Monday!!! (can’t wait). Below are a few piccies of the bike ride and the birthday boy.

Cycling on the Ecopista

Scenic picnic spot


Birthday boy

A very young birthday boy – 6 months young!


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