Pool opening party….

The pool has finally been finished and not before time as with temperature’s up in the 90’sF most day’s (give or take the odd thunderstorm) somewhere to cool off is becoming essential.

We had been requested to convene by the pool yesterday at 4pm sharp to witness the official opening. We were joined by the one other couple on site; a dutch couple who arrived yesterday just in time to join the celebrations.

Sebio (owner) made a speech, Pedro (s0n) cut the ribbon and pulled aside a tea towel covering a plaque, Nicole (daughter) videoed the proceedings and Catarina (wife) cut a homemade carrot cake and poured us all a celebratory glass of bubbly with which to toast the campsites new facility.

The proceeds were hurried along somewhat by the alarming black clouds that were collecting in the distance but Pedro and Nicole still dived in to try their father’s hard work out. Sebio and Catarina had done all the work themselves starting in December of last year. The pool was looking a little dark in colour which we were told was the chlorine settling, apparently it is crystal clear this morning but due to the weather being overcast today I don’t think I’ll be trying it out just yet.


Pedro and Nicole

Sebio (in white)


The plaque – ‘This swimming pool was inaugurated on the 5th June 2011 by the Foreman family’

Oscar on our return – the boy had obviously had a tiring day….



2 thoughts on “Pool opening party….

  1. I know, haven’t been to a pool opening party before ๐Ÿ™‚

    Haven’t had a chance to try it yet though as the weather has been cloudy and a bit nippy since Sunday ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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