Another day, another castle….

Everywhere you turn in Portugal there seems to be a castle sat perched on top of a hill. We went for a walk around Evoramonte at the weekend where there has been a castle since 1160.

Although it has been a national monument site since the early 1900s there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of upkeep. This appears to be typical in Portugal and it is such a shame and also it has to be said a real waste of an opportunity to bring some much needed money in through tourism. The National Trust would have an absolute field day here!!

There wasn’t much information about the castle at the actual site and even less on the internet so all I can tell you is the castle was severely damaged in an earthquake in 1531 (but they must have rebuilt it as it looks intake). Oh, and they are in dire need of a tea shop and gift room……

The entrance

The view

The castle

All a bit tatty and unkept – you can imagine the scene would be completely different if the National Trust owned it. There would be a nice little tea room, a gift shop, a children’s playground, nice manicured gardens……oh and a £20 entrance fee!!

Unfortunately this picture does no justice whatsoever to this Eagle. We see so many of them around here but they never fail to amaze me. They just glide around, hoovering and then swooping down for the kill. You never see them flapping their wings and they are soooo big. Truly breathtaking.

And lastly, little ole me!!




One thought on “Another day, another castle….

  1. Many of the castles in Ireland are like this: beautiful, difficult to access and you just stumble across them….while some of the National Trust ones are a little sanitised. It would be good to have something halfway between the two approaches.

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