Gerda and baby John!!!

The campsite we are on at the moment is also a farm and home to a herd of about 20 or so Limousin cows, a bull and about 7 babies. The calves are so sweet and play together in a little group racing around the field as if playing tag.

One of the cows called Gerda was expecting her baby any day and when Sebio went to check on them this morning he discovered she had given birth. He came and called for us first thing as he knew wanted to see it and we walked down to the field amongst them for a closer look.

He discovered the baby was a boy and so decided to call it John!! which was funny (for those of you who don’t know as I only ever call him hubby on here but John is hubby’s name!).It was so sweet and surprisingly strong given that it was only a few hours old. It is Gerda’s third calf and so she is a old hand at the mummy lark. She was attentive to it though and we made sure not to get to close and upset her.

Gerda is the only cow of the herd not to have horns as she had to have them removed as she had worked out that she could put them under the fence and rip it up. Clever Gerda!! as such she is my favourite!!

We also met Bonba (think that is right) who is the daddy. He is a gentle giant and very content in his field with all his ladies. He has sired 8 calves this year with one more to come. Claudia lost her first baby but is in calf again although not due for a few months yet so hopefully we will still be here when she has that.

Welcome to the world baby John -what a great way to start the day…….enjoy the pictures.

Hopefully baby John will get the chance to grow up big and strong just like his daddy…

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