Catch up post….

I haven’t been around this blog much over the last week so I thought I had better let you know that I haven’t fallen of the end of the world – not quite yet anyway.

Life has been rather hectic since I got back from the UK as I am working furiously with a business coach licking my business into shape. It is going really well but not leaving much time left for anything else.

Apart from going out to the shops twice a week the only other excursions we have been having have been to the dentist 😦

Hubby started the ball rolling a month or so ago when he decided that the on/off headache he had been having for about a month was actually a bad tooth. So, after discussion with Sebio (our go to point for basically anything) he was dispatched to Sebio’s dentist in nearby Ronanda. He came back singing her praises but also with the not so good news that he needed a root canal treatment (long and potentially painful).

Anyway, the treatment has progressed, the pain been managed and he is now the proud owner of a new shiny white amalgam free filling – woo hoo. He is also having his other amalgam fillings replaced as dental care here in Portugal is very cheap.

As with buses that always come along in two’s or three’s on the flight home from the UK I noticed that a gland in my neck had become enlarged and was painful. When it didn’t subside and I started to get some pain in a back tooth a trip to the dentist was arranged for me as well. Not one to miss out I am also now in the process of having a root canal treatment and so Friday’s are now ‘dentist day’!!

Other news, the site is now filling up a little bit more as the summer holidays take hold. Most people are only here over night as we are on the main drag across to Lisbon and the coast, so not too much disruption to our lovely quiet routine!!

There was a problem with the hot water in the showers at the back-end of last week and over the weekend. They basically got colder and colder until there was no hot water in them at all. Sebio did take a little persuading that there was a problem as the system has only been in a year. I think at first he thought it was just us as no-one else had said anything even though the site was quite busy at the time. Once he did realise that there was a problem though (took some ‘gentle’ persuasion from hubby and some words that I’m not quite sure he understood!!) he got it sorted pronto and we now have lovely hot water again.

Baby John (see previous post) is now just over two weeks old and looking like an old hand at the grazing and mooching around lark. He wanders quite some way from his mum but doesn’t seem bothered at all. He seems to like hanging around the older calves which is sweet.

Unfortunately a big lorry turned up on site two nights ago and one of the cows was dispatched off to the slaughter-house. I don’t know which one it was as I was trying hard not to watch as I was so upset. I spent most of the evening in tears as the thought of it all is just too distressing. I know it is how Sebio makes his living and he really does give them a good life whilst they are here but still………. 😦

And lastly for now we went for a bike ride on Sunday morning just up the road from the site. It was a lovely little route around a lake which will be perfect for my longer runs. I took some photos so enjoy!!

Down by the Lake

This would make the perfect little retreat centre. Yoga, raw food, windsurfing on the lake….. 🙂

Breakfast stop!

Portuguese motorways – always empty because of the extortionate tolls!!


2 thoughts on “Catch up post….

  1. Sorry about your teeth, but glad you’ve got cheap treatment…I reckon I’ve been paying the mortgage on my dentist’s house for the past 20 years! And I can’t get over that motorway picture especially as our Government are thinking of doing the same thing 😦

  2. I have what my last dentist called a 70’s mouth – i.e. dentists in the 70’s were drill happy and just drilled away lovely healthy teeth to replace with mercury fillings!! grrrrrrhhhh…… and so now 30 odd years down the line they need replacing but at least I can get rid of the mercury crap now. This dentist seems really good so we are taking advantage of the low prices.

    And yes the motorway picture is a true depiction. It is always empty and everyone uses our road which runs parallel to it. The government took advantage of loans from the EU to put better infrastructure in but because the tolls are so high no-one uses them. No-one seems to have come up with the idea that maybe if they lower the tolls a little more people would be on them which would create more revenue – or is that too way out there of an idea!!

    Still these governments are doing such a great job who am I to questions them 🙂

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