Night from hell…

This photo should give you some idea of how hot it was in the caravan last night.

Attempting to sleep was a task of mammoth proportions as I lay on top of the bed and struggled to breath.

Since the spider episode hubby has not allowed me to have the windows open at night; just the two roof vents. (I don’t think I have shared the spider incident here but basically several months back hubby awoke in the night to find a big old fat spider sat on his arm. Having a spider phobia of biblical proportions meant that that particular night was a sleepless one too!!)

Last night there was just no air in the caravan and what little there was felt like it had been heated to volcanic levels. I would have tossed and turned but I feared that any movement would see me spontaneously combust  and so I was sure not to move a muscle – didn’t stop hubby throwing himself around and sighing loudly though !! 😦

I managed to sleep fitfully until about 3.45 when Oscar could take it no more and started the countdown to being let out. To give him his due the temperature in the caravan had started to creep back up again by this stage and so quite rightly he must have thought morning had arrived. Trouble is there are foxes around and so we keep them in until about 5ish just in case. So from 3.45 onwards we were subjected to the whole range of Oscar ‘mooseking’ – a sound akin to someone trapping his tail in the door at the same time as pulling out his toe nails. He has it down to a fine art now and does it from the comfort of his bed just raising his head to ensure maximum noise – little swine. I lasted until 4.30 and then gave in and let both him and Molly out.

Hubby also decided that enough was enough and got up too and so that was my nights sleep – or not….

The forecast is hotter today and tomorrow it is going to be even hotter.

I feel like a boil in the bag ready meal!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂



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