Feliz aniversário

On Wednesday we celebrated hubbie’s birthday. Birthday’s are national holidays in our household and so we downed tools and spent the day sightseeing and relaxing.

First up was a fortifying breaksfast for hubby to set him up right for his big day ahead and then I loaded up some food and off we set for the nearby village of Reguengos de Monsaraz.

Set on the side of Europe’s largest lake we had been told it was one of the most beautiful areas in Portugal.

So, off we set curious as to what we would find. About 50 minutes later we arrived at the Lake – yes very big but not a patch on the Lake District and Scottish Lochs. Still we parked up and walked down to the shore and sat and had our food I had packed.

After recharging our batteries we made our way up to Monsaraz perched up on one of the hills overlooking the Lake. It is a tiny little medieval town and was just delightful and had quite a fairytale feel to it. We wandered through the little streets feeling as though we had stepped back in time. The Knights Templar fortified Monsaraz back in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The locals call Monsaraz  ‘Ninho das Aquia’ – Eagles Nest and of all the little villages we have visited so far it is by far the loveliest and well kept. There are several little craft shops and a handful of restaurants and bars so we have agreed to come back and sample them another day.

The only downside to Monsaraz can be found when you walk into the old castle at the far end of the village. Hubby climbed the iron stairs to the top of the castle walls whilst I wandered around at ground level. I had an uneasy feeling about this end of town that I couldn’t put my finger on until I came around a corner and found myself in a small bull ring. Apparently they bull fight here when they can afford a bull and use it as a football pitch the rest of the time. Not being a huge fan of bull fighting!! – really can’t get my head around such a cruel activity I left hubby to explore up top and had a little wander around the nearest craft shop purchasing some raw honey that caught my eye.

Reunited with hubby we stopped for refreshment – me a coffee(driving) and him a very welcome cold beer. It was getting very hot by this stage and so we retired to the car and headed home.

Back on site for lunch and a lazy afternoon sat in the shade of a tree sampling some different beers we whiled away the hours and then Sebio joined us in the evening for some more drinks before we called it a day and took our weary bones to bed.

Monsaraz up on the hill behind the Lake

Looking down on the Lake from Monsaraz

Walking through the city gates

Beautiful flowers that smelt of vanilla

I love these old doorways

The bull ring 😦

Coffee and beer break

Back on site chilling with a beer!

Birthday cake – I managed to get some fruit on it!!!

Happy days 🙂 🙂

One thought on “Feliz aniversário

  1. Well your hubby looks absolutely delighted with his birthday celebrations and the cake looks delicious too 🙂 A belated happy birthday to him, oh and lovely photos as usual xx

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