From Diss to this…..

A year ago today we were sat in Diss going about our business when we got a phone call out of the blue from our agents saying they needed to talk to us. It was all very cloak and dagger and obviously either a rent increase of we were being given notice.  Of course it was the latter and the rest as they say is history.

Eight weeks of manic selling, packing and organising ensued before we set forth from the UK on the journey of a lifetime.

As with all things it doesn’t feel as though we have been living in Bessie for almost a year and then again it seems like we have been doing this forever. It’s amazing how quickly things become the norm isn’t it.

Things like filling the caravan with water, emptying the toilet and using communal showers are all as routine as brushing our teeth whilst stepping out into the early morning air to witness another amazing sunrise still feels like Christmas morning used to as a child.

And so a year on from the decision that set us forth on this crazy journey and I can honestly say (aside from marrying my fellow partner in crime that is with me on this mad trip) that it was definitely the best decision I have ever made.

Bring on the next twelve months……

3 thoughts on “From Diss to this…..

  1. So it feels like Christmas every morning, wow! Really, wouldn’t it be great if your blog inspired more people to do what you’ve done. It must be fear of the unknown that is stopping so many xx

  2. If you had told me a before all this happened that I would be on this trip with two cats in tow then I would have said you were crazy. It was always the thought of traveling with them that held me back and made me say ‘later, when we no longer have them’.

    The truth is they have had a great year discovering new environments, chasing lizards, spiders, mice and bunnies and snoozing their days away under the shade of some bush or other.

    So, yes the fear of the unknown is always far, far worse than the reality. To think that I almost let myself miss out on this…….. 🙂

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