Surviving the summer….

There hasn’t been very much to write about over the last few weeks because quite simply we haven’t been doing anything.

Except trying to survive the searing temperatures that is – I think I may have mentioned them once or twice.

Since mid June the mercury has been on a steady rise, peaking over the last few days at a toasty 105F. When its that hot we really can’t go or do anything that involves us being away from the caravan longer than lunch time. Or else we would return to two very hot cats!

So, any outings have been put on the back burner until September when we are hoping the temperatures will be more manageable. We have lots planned though and it will be a busy few months with hopefully a night over in Lisbon and the treat of a stop over in a hotel – hubby has requested one with a bath as he hasn’t had one since last year!!!

To illustrate just how hot it has been:-

The coconut I cracked open yesterday had HOT water inside of it.

The potatoes in the awning actually start to bake themselves.

The cats have gotten used to their tuna being hot when it comes out of the tin.

And this morning when we woke up – or rather got up as we hadn’t actually slept that much the temperature inside the caravan was 28C (82F) the optimal temperature to sleep in is 18C.

The summer has been a learning curve for sure and not made easier by the fact that we have the cats with us. If it was just us then we would probably have moved closer to the coast where the temperatures are a little cooler but the campsites busier.

Oscar in particular finds the heat unbearable if it goes over 32C in the caravan and starts panting. We now let him out in the night if he asks as its just not fair on him and he tends then to just sit in the awning in the cooler night air.

Maybe we should be joining him!!

So, apologies for the lack of ‘exciting’ posts but hopefully full service will be resumed soon……


6 thoughts on “Surviving the summer….

  1. This is our third Aegean summer so I’m not sure why the heat takes us by surprise every time. We lounge about all day moving as little as possible and become vampires, only venturing out at night. I can’t imagine what it must be like trying to sleep in a caravan. It must be Hell.

    • Jack, its been a testing time!! I think we will sleep for a month when the temperatures finally dip. We stay outside for as long as possible in the evenings. I guess it is all a compromise at the end of the day and I still wouldn’t change a thing. And its proved great for the complexion and weight as it’s like having a constant sauna!! (maybe too much information)

  2. I really wouldn’t be able for temperatures like this unless I could spend my days pottering around, swimming in the sea and looking fab in a bikini! A girl can dream I guess x

  3. Oh, that’s toasty! And what we do for those furry babes. 🙂 My husband and I are currently living in different states as we sell one home and settle in another, a plan hatched mostly to keep our pets from being too distressed. (Our stress level is a whole other story, of course. 😉

    Hoping some deliciously cool breezes head your way soon…

    • Oh the fur babies rule the roost for sure!!

      Delicious cool breezes headed in yesterday so we have a few days of cooler weather and it is just blissful.

      Hope your move goes well and the humans of your family are reunited soon! 🙂

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