Hubby returns….

Hubby returned safely to the fold yesterday after his two days away on a stag do.

He looked bleary eyed and sounded incredibly husky (rather sexy actually!!) but had thoroughly enjoyed his jaunt away with the lads.

Two days of male bonding and testosterone fueled events had clearly agreed with him and he enthusiastically spilled the beans as I caught up with all the news and goings on.

Unfotunately it would be more than my life is worth if I revealed what goes on in the inner sanctum of the stag do. A strictly male preserve of ‘macho-ness’ and bravado the phrase ‘What happens on tour stays on tour’ applies; although from what I can gather all that happened was vast amounts of alcohol were consummed and brain cells fried.

I feel it safe to reveal a few ‘hubby related’ tit bits from the weekend though! Go-karting on the Friday saw his competitive streak come to the fore but alas his attempts were not quite enough to beat the unconquerable ‘Mr B’ and he had to make do with second place. For ‘Mr B’ being beaten isn’t an option although I do seem to remember a swimming race in Prestatyn where he didn’t quite get the result he was looking for!!

Hubby also gallantly attempted to keep up in the drinking stakes and ended the night with a Sambuca and that ’empty vessel’ feeling – his words not mine! Unfortunately he doesn’t get the chance to indulge in heavy drinking sessions anymore – or maybe that is a good thing! Leaving a day early meant he missed out on the grand finale but kept his liver intact; a trade off that in the cold light of day was probably the wisest decision to make.

I can only imagine how heads and stomachs are feeling this morning as the lads wake up and contemplate their flights home. Lets hope there isn’t too much turbulence – of any variety!!

And so another stag was given a successful send off as he transitions from the echelons of ‘singledom’  and joins the rest of us in the ranks of ‘married old farts’

On a serious note – congratulations to D & K on your impending nuptials; its about time too really!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hubby returns….

  1. I’ve only been on one stag do, to Blackpool of all places. I was the only gay man among about thirty or so straight men. I was treated like their mascot! It was enormous fun but it was one long tribal booze-fest of male bonding at its most silly. I couldn’t feel my legs the day after the night before.

    • Ah Blackpool, the height of sophistication!! Strangely I have been on many a ‘gay’ do in Blackpool. Funny Girls, The Flying Handbag, Roxys, always had a fab time although waking up in Blackpool on the morning after is always a little grim.

      I fear that Hen do’s may not be altogether dissimilar to its male counterpart. Female bonding which also disintergrates into a booze fest. Rites of passage and all good fun 🙂

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