Home alone…..

The last few weeks have been all about preparing for hubby’s trip back to the UK.

Its been full on – I swear Royal visits take less organising than this has but finally the day is here and he has left.

I am all alone now for two whole weeks. Its a sobering thought.

Well, technically I am not alone of course as I have the company of our two very gobby, very needy and very demanding cats. They spend the whole day wanting to be let in and out of the caravan, expecting their food bowls to be kept constantly full and then spend their nights cuddled up next to me on the bed purring for all their worth!

As the car lights disappeared down the drive this morning (yes he has taken the car back as it needs to be MOTed) I braced myself for a LONG two weeks without him.

As I have no way of getting out and about without the car I am pretty much confined to barracks. With enough food and water for me and the cats it feels as if we are preparing for a siege!!

Hopefully I won’t go stir crazy in his absence, although I can’t guarantee much as I’m not the best on my own!!

You can either expect a lot of random posts or complete radio silence such is the way it could go.

And I have a feeling I am going to be on Skype a lot………



4 thoughts on “Home alone…..

  1. Other than the campsite owners no human company at all. I can get out for a cycle ride if I want and I do my barefoot walking everyday but no company there either so total solitude for 2 weeks……

    It will be a challenge for sure……I’m missing hubby already but we will Skype everyday and its only 2 weeks!!!! (she says)

    Being in the caravan is not a problem, I love my Bessie so it doesn’t feel like I am cooped up at all and I’m sure the absence will make my heart beat even faster on his return…..:)

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