Random thoughts about Portugal

Well I did mention that my posts may be thin on the ground whilst hubby was back in Blighty and true to form I have kept my head under the duvet and refused to come out.

However, the end is in sight and he is due home by the end of the week so with a flourish of excitement I decided it was time to dust myself down and come out of hibernation.

But what to write about when all you have seen for the last few weeks is the inside of a caravan??

Well I decided to put together a little collage of insightful observations of life here in Portugal now that our time is coming to a close that I can post about over the next few days (as when I put them all together it could rival War and Peace in length and I fear I may send you all into a deep coma)

So, in no particular order I will start with:-


It seems that every country we go to the driving techniques employed by the locals get progressively worse. In Portugal they drive hard and furious, over take only when the conditions absolutely scream for them not too and have seemingly no regard for anyone else on the road – or so I thought.

On Saturday I had the misfortune of experiencing Portuguese roads from the inside of a Portuguese car and it would now appear that our British number plate does offer us a modicum of care and attention. Driving amongst the natives as one of the natives is not an experience I intend to repeat in a hurry.

The driver of the car I was in seemed to have the attention span of a knat, verring into the other lane frequently as he looked anywhere but through the windscreen of the car. When confronted with an overtaking car coming straight for us he refused to take evasive action like we would (we often find ourselves driving on the hard shoulder or skimming the ditch in an attempt to get ourselves out the way) Instead what ensued was a game of chicken with neither party daring to back down.

Perhaps this is what passes for ‘entertainment’ around here. I am actually looking forward to returning to the driving in Spain – and believe me enjoy and Spanish driving are not words that I thought I would ever utter in the same sentance!!

Tomorrow – Where are all the shops???

4 thoughts on “Random thoughts about Portugal

  1. It’s a macho Mediterranean thing (I know Portugal’s not on the Med but never mind). The Italians, Greeks and especially the Turks are all terrible drivers. Driving in Turkey is not for the faint hearted, best only tried by the foolish or the suicidal.

  2. I think you are right Jack!! We had a similarly death defining experience with a Spanish taxi driver coming back from the vet when our car broke down a situation made all the worse when the taxi driver wanted to put my precious cat in the boot – stupid man!!

    I actually feel strangely safer when we are towing the caravan as people tend to give us a wider birth – very wise!!

    • Ah wow, that actually adds to my theory that this region is nothing like the rest of Portugal. Its kinda like the land that time forgot around here and so maybe the frenetic driving here is just how they get there kicks!!

      And yes I agree with you about Italy. Have driven many times there and equally terrifying!!

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