Feliz aniversario Siebo…..

Friday was Siebo’s 50th birthday and so we all got invited up to the ‘big house’ yesterday for a soiree to celebrate.

Parties start early in Portugal and so we were summoned to arrive at 4pm.

Washed, bouffanted and booted up in our finest party pants we toddled of up the hill bottle of sparkly in hand to help the festivities go with a swing.

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived with almost all spare seats around the pool and patio taken. I hadn’t actually realised there were quite as many people on site as there are!!

A lot of the clientelle are Dutch as this is Siebo’s native country and he advertises there a far bit. So hubby tried to remember his scant crasp at Dutch and made a passable attempt at asking the nearest gentlemen if he spoke English. The look we got in return could have frozen hell over so we wisely retreated in search of beer.

A long conversation with Catarina (Siebo’s wife) ensued in French as this is our common language! about walking in the area. We had hoped to take a hike today up a nearby mountain/hill but as we suspected there are very few footpaths in Portugal and the only way to climb it would have been along the road – not quite the same.

We were then introduced to Catarina’s niece ‘Helena’ who is a nurse but is trying to pass the exams required to train as a doctor. She was delightful to talk to and spoke impeccable English and we had a good chat about the health system here versus the UK, the local area, bars in Evora – of which there are not many! and other topics.Great to get another perspective from a local about what’s going on in Portugal.

All in all a very pleasant few hours spent on a Saturday night!!




One thought on “Feliz aniversario Siebo…..

  1. Sounds like fun. Generally we’re lucky that English is the lingua franca for people from different parts of the world, though obviously not for the hell-freezing gentlemen!

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