Summer is nearly over…..

Well it had to happen sooner or later. We couldn’t carry on sweating like a couple of proverbial ***s so I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked or saddened to realise that summer is quickly losing its grip and its autumnal friend nudging ever further into the day.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still shorts weather but the mornings are taking longer to warm up now and the evenings less time to cool down.

The biggest difference is overnight and this week I have had to forgo the flimsy night attire as it is not longer cutting the mustard. The pj’s are back out of storage and last night I woke up and had to put some socks on as my feet were decidely nippy – not helped by hubby’s habit of pulling the quilt up so high that you end up with four inches of quilt-less bed at the bottom.

I am pinned to the bed most nights now by the two cats as they snuggle in for warmth – they do make for lovely furry hot water bottles though so I don’t mind too much.

Apparently this week is the last of the hot temperatures and things start to cool down for real next week so its a good job we are soon to be heading 300 miles south again to the sunnier winter climes of the Spanish costa’s.

Looks like the summer of ’11 is drawing to a close 😦 still it was fun whilst it lasted……

4 thoughts on “Summer is nearly over…..

  1. Even though I complained bitterly at times about the searing heat I’m so going to miss swanning around the campsite in a bikini!!! my laundry pile is about to get bigger again 😦

  2. So it’s not all good about hubby coming back? I wouldn’t like being quilt-less either. Here I’m enjoying the gorgeous autumn colours and the fire lighting in the evenings 🙂

  3. Ha ha….. no guilt-less feet is not good but solved last night by adding another guilt to the bed which makes it heavier and way more snuggy; but difficult to get up from in the morning!

    Ooh… lighting in the evening does sound good. Although I will mourn the lovely hot days there is a part of me that likes the changing seasons. I am looking forward to getting the hats and scarves out safe in the knowledge that it never really gets so cold that it is unpleasant to go out in. 🙂

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