The versatile blogger

Jack over at Peking The Pansies nominated me for the versatile blogger award (not to sure my blog can be classed as ‘versatile’ as all I ever seem to write about it the weather, the bad driving of macho Europeans and castles) but thanks anyway Jack.

I am a relative newcomer to Jack’s blog but I love reading his daily offerings of wit and hilarity about his life in Turkey with his husband Liam. If you haven’t already been over to Peking The Pansies then it is well worth a trip.

So, the conditions behind this award are that I am to reveal 7 quirky things about myself and then nominate 5 – 15 other bloggers to do the same!!

Hmmmm…….seven quirky things about myself that shouldn’t be too difficult!!!

  1. At the age of 43 I gave up most of my material possessions to roam around Southern Europe in a caravan with my hubby and two cats. Mid life crisis or finally getting it right…. only time will tell…..
  2. I prefer animals to babies, we may have never produced a ‘human’ child however we have had many furry and feathered charges that we have lovingly called our own!
  3. I eat a raw food diet – enough said…
  4. I have just discovered that I can use food as makeup; seriously!! Apparently beetroot and berries make great blusher and mascara – who knew! I will be experimenting shortly. Beats nasty chemicals any day.
  5. I have had many jobs over the years but the quirkiest of them has to be selling membership for the ‘Civil Trust’ in tube stations around London. The odds were stacked against me from the start as my idea of sales is that if someone wants something they will ask for it!! and come on who wants to by something other than a ticket at a tube station! needless to say it was short lived…
  6. I once went 10 weeks without washing my hair as an experiment and love the idea of dreadlocks. After a stoic 10 weeks hubby finally vetoed the first and has threatened divorce if I ever do more than think about the second….
  7. I once did a 10,000ft tandem skydive to ‘cure’ my fear of heights – it kinda of worked but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience, the guy who was my ‘tandem’ was mortified when he overhead me saying to my friend afterwards just how much I had hated it – whoops

And so to my ‘nominations’…….

Antony in London

Aunty Gwens diary

Looking For BlueSky

My Shitty Twenties

Journey Man

Happy blogging everyone and here’s to being quirky!!!!

3 thoughts on “The versatile blogger

  1. Yes we went to Saf’s for my birthday a few years ago. It was great to actually go to a restaurant where I could eat most of the choices on the menu!! need something like that out here as I am lucky if I can even get a salad without them putting tuna or meat all over it….

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