Club Tropicana

After a bit of searching we finally found a new campsite back in Spain that ticks almost all our boxes (we are a bit pinickety!) and it is called ‘Camping Parque Tropical’ which we immediately renamed ‘Club Tropicana’ in hommage to one of our favourite (ahmen) Wham tracks from the 80s…..

Being a baby of the late 60s the music that influenced me most was 70s glam rock – David Bowie was and still is one of my all time fav’s and most of the music from the 80s.

When I was 19 my best friend and I went on a 2 week holiday to Ibiza. It is a blurred and hazy memory of too much alcohol followed by long lazy days sleeping it off on the beach!

On one evening we went of on an organised trip to Ku the biggest and most famous nightclub on the island at the time. It was famous because it was where George and Andrew aka Wham filmed their video for the title of this post.

I’m sure my 40 something self wouldn’t think much of the extortionate prices and questionable atmosphere but the mere fact that the boys themselves had strutted their funky stuff on the very same dance floor was enough for my easily impressed 19 year old self. Lets face it everything looks rosier after a few vodka and oranges – I was very sophisticated back then!!

Our new home that we will be embarking for in a few days is just across the road from the beach and a few miles down the coast from Estepona.

We are looking forward to the move as the long hot summer here has given way to what looks to be a wet and windy winter. At the time of writing the rain is pounding down and I fear we may be floating out of here like a modern day Noah’s arc………

And in the interests of ‘entertainment’ I managed to find a photo of said holiday to Ibiza!!

Don’t know who the girl on the left was!!!

4 thoughts on “Club Tropicana

  1. Great photo of ‘the boys’ or us drunken girls sat on the back of the boat?? lol

    Gotta love George and Andy…..still can’t help but sing along every time I hear a Wham song (and sadly I know all the words).

    Not sure it was that day but do recall getting so drunk on one boat trip that when it came to get off I missed the gang plank and took a dip in the sea instead – whoops – sobered me up pretty quickly though lol. 🙂

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