A farewell convivial!!

Siebo came and invited us for a farewell drink this morning – or as the dutch say a ‘convivial’.

So, we are going into Evoramonte and his local at 4pm this afternoon. I’m guessing the early start is so he can be home in time for tea (or at least I am hoping so!!)

This is the same local where the average age of clientelle is around 150, where no women dares to enter and where the old boys favourite pass time is to get tanked up and then play chicken by teetering on the edge of the pavement just as you are about to drive by.

I can’t wait!!!!!

Me thinks that there will be no need to get dressed up in my finest either 🙂





3 thoughts on “A farewell convivial!!

  1. I know lucky me right!!!

    And no, won’t be honoured like our Queenie, instead expect to be gauped at by all and sundry in style of American Warewolf in London which is how they roll around here!! 😉

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