The tooth fairy works overtime around here!!

Well, our convivial drink out yesterday was an interesting experience.

There were 5 of us as Siebo had also invited the other couple on site at the moment; Leo and Margaret from Holland.

We arrived at 4pm and got ourselves settled into a bench seat and ordered 5 beers. There were three old guys already in residence all with flat caps and all staring in our direction. Two of them got bored of us after a short while but the 3rd continued to stare around a wall at us the whole time we were there it was a little disconcerting as he only had one eye!

By about 5pm the place was heaving. Flat caps were bobbing about all over the place and I swear there was only about 6 teeth among a dozen or so of them. The tooth fairy must be run off her pretty little wings here.

The highlight was one old guy arriving in what is apparently a traditional shepherds coat – see picture above. It is a fur gillet with large epillettes but the best bit is that it is much longer at the back like a cape. The picture doesn’t do it much justice but was the only one I could find.

Leo wondered aloud if the old guy wanted to sell it and I couldn’t help but think that some of my ‘fancy dress’ loving friends (Ludley and McCann step forward) would have gone mad for it! I’m sure close up it would have smelt less than desirable but it didn’t stop us from doing our own bit of staring.

When we left after three beers each we had to fight our way out it was that busy and the atmosphere was certainly very ‘convivial’

We will be heading off at the crack of dawn tomorrow to make it down to Seville before tea time. Due to the weather looking wet and windy over the weekend we have decided to stay in Seville until Monday to let the worst of it pass. Towing a caravan in the wind takes nerves of steel and we really can’t be bothered with it.

So, an extra day to look around Seville before we get back on the road for Estepona on Monday…..

See you on the other side!!!!


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