Our journey back to Spain – part two

Day two was actually good fun as we went into Sevilla to do a spot of sightseeing.

After a late start we headed for the bus stop and the 11.30 bus. This turned up at 11.20 and the driver (female) jumped off the bus and ran off down the road. We stood patiently at the front of the bus to await her return.

She reappeared a few minutes later and as we asked for our tickets she lurched the bus forward and we were off.

Hanging on for dear life as we were thrown around a roundabout she tried to multitask driving the bus whilst operating the ticket machine and looking for our change…….I got the giggles as I often do when I get nervous and we hurried to our seats before we hit the dual carriageway and our certain death if we were still standing……

A white knuckle ride into Sevilla followed which was so fast that we didn’t even know that we had crossed the river and were near our destination – a mean feat as the river is a wide as the Thames in London.

Once our feet were back on solid ground we enjoyed a lovely day wandering around Sevilla. It is a lovely city with plenty to do and lots of gorgeous architecture and historical buildings.

Enjoy the little mini tour below…..

Government buildings

The old tobacco factory

More government buildings

The cathedral

What a shame they stuck a satellite dish right at the top on the statue of Christ!!!

Sevilla is full of lots of plaza’s like this…
The river

So, after a restful day sightseeing we returned to the campsite for an early night in preparation for our last day of traveling – or was it…..

Tune in tomorrow to find out!!!

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