Our journey back to Spain – part three….

Hope you are all still with me…… 🙂

The next day we were up and off by 9.30 to drive the 120 miles down to Estepona. Again everything went well until we hit the part of the day when we had to find the campsite.

We have yet to find directions; either in guidebooks or from the campsites own websites that get you to the actual destination and we spent another stressful hour or so trying to find ‘Club Tropicana’

Estepona and the whole coastline was a lot busier that I had thought it would be and the campsite was set back just a little way from the main dual carriageway into Marbella so a lot of road noise.

The campsite itself had too many plots crammed in which meant that only a few of them would actually take our caravan and its awning. The wifi was poor and there was a lot of feral cats so after careful consideration and the use of their wifi to sort out Plan C we decided that this was not for us.

The next option was a very small site 16 miles inland run by and English couple. I had emailed them previously but they came back a little pricey. Still we had no other options and so after a few phonecalls and directions we found ourselves in their village and they came to meet us (although not before we had taken the wrong entry onto the autoroute and started heading back towards Gibraltar – ahem…a 20kn detour later and twice through the same kiosk at the toll and we were back on track!!)

Their site was down an unmarked road with several different properties and lots and lots of very sad looking guard dogs; all chained up and all barking their boredom and unhappiness.

The site was very basic, just a hardcored area, one bathroom and 5 plots. The couple were very friendly and although it was a little austere we decided after testing the wifi that we would stay a month and see what the electricity prices came out like as we were being metered for this.

So, we popped into the village for some take out beers and retuned to the site for tea.

Tired and frazzled we called it a day ready to unpack and set up camp the following morning……but when the dawn broke all was not well…….

Come back tomorrow to see what happened next!!

4 thoughts on “Our journey back to Spain – part three….

  1. Still with you and waiting with bated breath for the next installment. This is turning into a soap. I can almost hear the drum roll from East Enders at the end of each episode! 😉

  2. Ha ha…..it is a bit melodramatic isn’t it!! only one more installment to go thank god or I think I may have just driven the caravan into the sea and booked into a hotel!! 🙂

    • Candi, let’s just say it was tempting!! and yes it is very sad the way they treat their animals here especially the dogs. They are chained up in all weathers and look so unhappy. The good news is that I have met some lovely people on our travels so far that look out for these poor creatures and help where they can.

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