Our journey back to Spain – the final installment!!!

The following morning after a fitfull night’s sleep from all of us we awoke and re-discussed staying where we were. In all honesty neither of us was totally happy with spending a month or possible more in what was a just a glorified car park…..

Hubby went off the speak to the owner to clarify some of the prices – i.e. was vat already included in the electricity tariff or was this extra. A reasonable question seeing as we are on a budget and the monthly rental was quite high here.

The owner took umbridge at being asked questions about the cost telling hubby that he didn’t like being asked ‘silly questions’. We were also being asked to pay up front for the month, which we have never had to do before and hubby simply asked if we were to leave before the month was out then would we get a rebate.

Anyway to cut a long story short it would seem that clarifying prices is a no go area at this particular campsite and something the owner simply can’t tolerate!! We were told to pack up and leave which was something of a shock but also quite a relief and we after a super fast pack up time we were both actually really glad to be out of there. Can’t say the same about the cats who were not best pleased to be back in their cat baskets yet again.

But where next??

The only other campsites that we knew and more importantly knew the location of were back down in Torre del Mar near to where we camped when we first arrived last winter.

There are two campsites on the beach and so we headed to 40 odd miles back down to them. The first was absolutely heaving with only a few plots free. It was too busy and too many dogs and other cats on site so we ruled that one out.

The second was a possible as a quick walk around site showed it to be about half full. I went and spoke to the reception who gave me the prices which were way over our budget. We tend to balk at paying more than we did in rent back in the UK. Also the wifi was only working on half the site and although I was told it was being repared in the next day or two but that would have meant taken a leap of faith that it was and after the last few days neither of us was happy to do that…….so, also no good.

We had only one more option and that was to return up into the hills to camping Rural Iznate and the site that we had spent 5 months last winter.

Half an hour later Gigi had managed to pulll us all up the long steep climb and we were once again back in the familiar mountains and were being greeted warmly by Maria the site owner, Eric and his wife Cindy and Danny and his wife Su all permanent residents of the site.

Kisses and hugs over and all caught up on the happenings of the summer we breathed a sigh of relief as we drank in the fresh air and stunning views once again.

Daisy Duke the little site cat that I had fed all last winter and been heartbroken at having to leave appeared almost instantly beside herself to see us and the bowl of tuna that I produced for her. 🙂

We are a bit further around the coast than we had wanted to be but the peace of mind of being on a site that is familiar and friendly is worth more than that.

So at last after a mammoth journey we are settled back in again. They have upgraded the system for the showers since we have been gone which means that we have piping hot water every morning. They have also changed the pay structure and we are now on a meter for electricity. Strangely it means that we are paying less than we were last winter…….go figure.

I’m sure there is a moral to this tale somewhere but I’ll be darned if I know what it is – other than not to go traveling with a caravan maybe!!

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