I love Amazon…..

Hubby and I are big Harry Potter fans (I know who isn’t!) and we are currently in the process of watching each one of them again once a week in preparation for watching the finale on Christmas Day.

We had been hoping to go and see the final film at the cinema but had trouble finding an English speaking version over the summer in Portugal. We did think we had tracked a cinema down at one point but on closer investigation it seemed that said cinema had been closed down about a millenium ago!

So we decided to wait until the Dvd came out and then I concocted the plan to watch them all in the run up to Christmas.

Buying Dvds in Spain costs an arm and a leg and so I decided to get onto Amazon last week and order it there. Amazon told me that the release date was the 2nd December and that I could pre-order it for the very reasonable sum of £8.47 + £2.34 packaging. Great I thought as I ordered it.

Over the next few days I then began to worry that we wouldn’t get it in time for Christmas as I am still waiting for my parents birthday card that they posted a few weeks ago. I think it has gone the long way around and is currently enjoying a cruise around the med!

So, you can imagine my delight when we got back to the site last night after a shopping trip to have Maria rush out with some post for me. It must be the card I said to hubby but no, Maria handed me a package from Amazon.

Surely not……I only ordered it less than a week ago…..it couldn’t possibly have come that quickly. But sure enough it has and we now have our shiny new Dvd sitting waiting to be opened on Christmas Day……..

I love Amazon……sooooo much. Never once have we been let down or disappointed by their service. They simply do what they say on the tin…….If one company can do it why can’t they all.

Oh and the best bit was that a day after I ordered it I received an email to say they had dropped the price further and that I would receive a 0.47p refund!!!

Happy Christmas Amazon……from a very happy customer.


5 thoughts on “I love Amazon…..

  1. Love Amazon too 🙂 And you’d be surprised how many people (especially women) DON’T like Harry Potter – funny enough they also tend to be people who don’t spend much time on-line xx

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