I seem to be spending a lot of time driving up and down the A7 at the moment but we have managed to get out the past two weekends and spend some time in the fresh and warm winter air…..

Lake Vinuela

Love the shape the shoreline makes

A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon…

Snow up on Maroma

Down on the beach

Gently lapping tide…

I saw sea shells on the sea shore

Boats waiting for the summer season to start again

One of my most favourite ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon…… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. It is gorgeous, although when out of the sun it does feel a bit ‘nippy’ but only to cardigan levels 🙂 I haven’t worn a coat once this winter (except when I flew home the other week and that was discarded as soon as I walked out of the airport in Malaga when I got back.

    Hope the snow is not too bad, we do have snow up on our mountain but that is at 6000 feet………

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