Its official…..winter has arrived

Those that know me will confirm that I don’t do cold weather very well. In fact I am pretty lousy at it. I hate nothing more that feeling cold and I detest being swaddled in layers of clothes trying to keep warm which means that for the 40 odd years that I spent living in the UK I was a grumpy old bear.

So, as you can imagine, spending the winter in Spain is a great joy to me as the thermometer rarely falls below 10C at night and hangs around the mid to high teens in the day. Perfect for her royal grouchiness and those that have to live with me (namely hubby and the cats 🙂 )

But, the natural order of things seems to have been shaken up this week and winter has very firmly arrived and planted its bloomin’ cold hand on our tropical paradise.

With temperatures plummeting to zero overnight and a savage icy wind howling around the campsite life in Bessie has a decidedly bleak feel to it.

I am tired having had little sleep for the last three nights due to the fierce winds that threaten to blow away our awning at any moment.

Oscar who weighs little more than a few bags of sugar nowadays and has zero fat on him is as cold as nails at night and so restless as heck. I try vainly to cover him in a blanket or duvet but that just freaks him out and so he spends the whole night getting up and down to (supposedly) keep himself warm.

Molly on the other hand has been laying down blubber all summer for precisely this occasion (or so she would tell you) and so weighs considerably more than Oscar. However, even her seal like proportions are failing to keep her warm overnight. To rectify this she has taken to sleeping on top of me to get my warmth and so the little sleep I am managing to get is thwarted as I suffer from a medieval form of torture by having the breath squeezed out of me.

Hubby has taken to wearing his bright orange ski jacket and green fleecy hat (I know but I didn’t marry him for his fashion flair) inside the caravan and I am modeling a very fetching pair of sequined fingerless mittens (a girl can still do glamour even in the most dire of situations you know) and a rather snuggy scarf whilst lounging under the two duvets on the bed.

Daisy Duke – our recent feral cat – is bravely coping with the conditions and hubby very sweetly warmed her tuna this morning as he was rather concerned about how cold she must have been in the awning overnight.

You may be able to detect from all this that I am less than happy about the situation. Shivering our ****s was certainly not on the list of things to enjoy about overwintering in Spain…… 😦

Now, I know that compared to some we are extremely lucky. Parts of Eastern Europe are suffering much, much worse conditions than these…….but just a word to whoever needs to hear…… ENOUGH ALREADY.

Feel free to resume with normal service whenever you are ready…….PLEASE.



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