Out of hibernation…

So, the weather is slowly improving and apart from the odd day when winter re tightens its grip we are for the most part enjoying sunny and bright days again.

Which is just as well as me and my trusty chariot (aka Gigi) have been putting quite a lot of tarmac under our wheels over the last few weeks as I get to grips with what is commonly known as networking – or having cups of tea in assorted cafes across the Costa del Sol!!

No, in all seriousness I have met some amazing women over the last month or so and we have formed some great collaborations and friendships and out of the laughter, fun and cups of tea have morphed some great ideas and business opportunities. It seems that my humble ‘raw onion bread’ may well be manufactured and sold to actual real live health food shops – how exciting is that :)

One of the events that I have organised with two of the lovely ladies I have met is a wonderful weekend detox retreat entitled ‘Release Your Inner Calm’ – we all have some but sadly it remains hidden from us for much of the time!!

This will be my first foray into the retreat world and I have a feeling that it is going to be a great success – you may think that I am blowing my own trumpet there but no, not a bit of it.

I am just so in awe of the collective power of women when they come together in a nurturing environment that I just know that the universe is going to send us the people we need (men and women) so that we can make this retreat something really special for them.

Don’t take my word for it though, take a ride over to my website and have a look for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Out of hibernation…

  1. The weather’s on the turn here too, though it’s difficult to quite believe it with me huddled in front of the fire and Liam in his thermal long johns. Enjoy the retreat and release some inner calm for me.

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