Time for a catch up…

The winter chills have now faded from our memories as Spring is firmly with us and Summer doesn’t seem too far behind. I was out for a run before 9am this morning in just shorts and sleeveless t-shirt and it was so lovely to be running among the hills as the day was just getting started.

Which lends me very nicely to ceasing the telling of sunny tales for one second and slip in an update on my marathon challenge. For those of you with long enough memories you may remember me warbling on a while ago about a 7 marathons on 7 continents challenge that I wanted to set myself for 2013 raising money for The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesse. Well, I have spent some time pondering the logistics of arranging all of this and to be honest the organising part of it was beginning to look like it would be a greater feat than actually running the marathons which kinda missed the point somewhat.

So, the challenge has changed. The cause is still the same and the timing –  2013 – remains unchanged but the events themselves are different.

There will now be 3 events spanning 2013 each in a place that is special to my heart. The events double in distance each time and look like this:-

April 2013 Bungay Black Dog Marathon, Suffolk, UK – 26.2 miles

July 2013 Lakeland 50, Lake District, Cumbria, UK – 50 miles

October 2013 Royan 24/48 hour, Royan, Charente-Maritime, France – 100 miles

I know I am still keeping the essence of the challenge alive with these three events as when I told hubby his basic reaction was WTF do you want to do a 50 and 100 miler for???? I am confident that he will come around to the idea by next year and be in full on supportive role, he just needs to get over the shock of it  🙂

Full details are on the website as always and I will be launching a donation page soon where you can go and donate in aid of the elephants.

So, training has started in earnest now that I have finally decided on the events of the challenge which means lots of hill walking as part of the build up for the Lakeland 50 (its billed as one of the greatest ultra running and walking races in Europe, if not the world) which only added a teensy weensy bit more to the challenge for me lol….So hubby should be pleased with that as he does like to climb up high. I feel a Sound of Music song coming on here altogether now….two, three, four…..Climb every mountain…….

Obviously the excitement has gotten too much for me so I will stop there and let you see some photo’s of our last two sorjourns out into the hills. Enjoy

4 thoughts on “Time for a catch up…

    • Great, Suffolk’s a date then and you had pretty much the same reaction about France as hubby – minus a few expletives!! but what’s life without a few mad moments eh 🙂

    • Ah, would love to see you on the sidelines cheering me on but not so sure your description would fit. Less a ultra marathon runner and more an ultra marathon shuffler!! 🙂 xx

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