IMG_5313Its been an interesting few months being back in the UK. Spending a ‘proper’  winter in Bessy has not been an enjoyable experience. We have battled against the damp, condensation being public enemy number one! and having to cope without running water in the caravan for a few weeks at a time has been hard work.

We have spent much of the winter tripping over extra heater and dehumidifier cables and what did seem like a very easy way of living when we were in the sunshine suddenly felt very cramped and stiffling.

We have been warm and cosy though which is just as well as I am not sure I would have got through it otherwise.

Whilst we may not be out of the woods yet the sun did make an appearance this afternoon and for about an hour it felt like a lovely spring day. Suddenly everything seemed better, the promise of warmer days ahead.

So, what next on our travels…….well we have deducted from our visit home that the UK really is no place to be living in a caravan and so we are crossing the Channel again in early April.

We have secured a position ‘caretaking’ a French Chateau and so for the summer months at least Bessy will be parked up, stripped back, dried out and given a makeover whilst we enjoy the luxury of living in a house again.

Then come the winter we will be heading back to the warmer climes of Spain where we will lay our heads back in the familiar hills and coastline of Andalusia.

The UK has been fun catching up with family and friends but I have to confess to preferring the more laid back approach to living adopted by our European neighbours.

I’m an outdoor kinda girl but I also hate the cold so I am feeling very couped up at the moment. We have hardly set foot outside other than to work, run or do the shopping as we both recoil every time either one of us mentions going out and doing something else. I need to feel free to be in the fresh air without the risk of getting frostbite before I will venture out.

So, the countdown is now on, things are being sorted before being packed up again (I am being ruthless and getting rid of even more stuff for the next stage of our journey) Nights out with friends are being had and visits to family sorted. Passports are up to date (Molly’s included) and we are trying our best to speak as much French to each other as we can.

I’ll keep you posted but you can expect normal service to resume here at Helen’s European Journey very soon – woo hoo…….

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