Its been a while…..

You last heard from us back in February when we stuck our heads up like two grumpy old bears testing whether it was time to come out of hibernation or not. It wasn’t, and we hunckered back down as best we could to see out the rest of what Winter threw at us.

By the end of March we were packing up in order to head to France and a six month stop off looking after a French Chateau before tracing our route back down south to spend a warmer Winter in the sun (we hope).

Well, since then we have arrived safe and sound and are back living in a brick built abode again. Bessy is parked up for the Summer and currently undergoing a well deserved ‘makeover’ – more of that in another post.

We both miss living in her, being back in a house – albeit a small apartment – feels alien to us now. Too much space makes things seem strangely disorganised. In Bessy, everything has its place but here is all seems very haphazard – more a nod to my housekeeping skills than anything else me thinks.

So, what is France like…..well, this is second time around for us having lived in La Rochelle for 18 months back in the early ‘noughties’.

Things are much the same – the French are generally a friendly bunch and our interactions with them thus far have been nothing but very charming. The region we are in – Pas de la Calais – is in Northern France and so much of the history in this area is war related. Both the First and Second World Wars played out heavily against the backdrop of rolling countryside here – indeed the Chateau was used by the English in the First and the Germans in the Second.

The Somme is only a few miles further down the road. On a sunny day it is a pleasant trip out but when the rain clouds roll in it is very easy to visualise what it must have been like for those soldiers stuck in the trenches for years on end. It definitely made quite the impact on me.

Agincourt is only just up the road from us, where Richard V had his major victory against the French in the Hundred Year War. Interestingly we picked up a leaflet and it told a very different story to the one I remembered learning about in history class!! Seems like there is a difference of opinion depending on what side you are on – lol.

The coast line here is lovely with the beaches near Epinard worthy of a visit. When the sun is shining you could be mistaken for thinking that you are in the South of France and not a hop, skip and a jump from the UK.

Talking of the weather, we have not been blessed with much in the way of sunshine since we have been here. A few sporadic days here and there interspersed with a lot of rain, wind and cold……as you can imagine I am not a happy bunny especially when I know down in Spain we would enjoying sun drenched days and balmy evenings sat outside.

But, we are here until October so have no choice but to hope for warmer weather and grin and bear it. Beer is helping, although hubby is onto the hard liquor now and the vodka has been opened……

Piccies of our adventures thus far……

008Getting ready to leave….

006At Folkestone

031Arrived – Chateau Marconne036Molly exploring042Molly making herself comfortable!014The pond and grounds009One of the resident ducks keeping an eye on the driveway…002 The coot with her babies018Finding my own Great Uncle ‘Bertie’ amongst the war dead 002Cycling in the forest003Picnics in the rain006Beaches on sunnier days004Lapping up the vit D when we can019Bessy having a rest in storage023Arras029The Abbey in Arras008More beaches…Optimized-013More Abbey’s…

Optimized-014Spring finally arrived but left again quite quickly 😦

To be continued……

2 thoughts on “Its been a while…..

    • Think all the sunshine piccies were taken on the same day – lol…..I have webbed feet from all the running I am doing in the rain 😉 xx

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