Whoops……forgot to post!!

Just realised I haven’t posted anything for over a week. In my defence (!!) I have less internet time now as hubby and me share the Wifi and I am on a business course at the moment as well which is absorbing what time I do have.

But enough about that, what have we been up to???

Well, last week was fairly busy for us. On Thursday we celebrated being together for 21 years (altogether now aaaahhhhhh…..). It actually felt a bit surreal if I’m honest as I just don’t feel old enough to have been with someone for 21 years. Ok, when I look in the mirror I look old enough but still it’s a long time for sure. Luckily we still seem to like being with each other even after all this time so I think we are good for a few more years yet.

It was an overcast day which meant we had more time out of the caravan than we thought (cats get too hot if we leave them too long) and so we went off in search of a nearby lake that we had been told you can windsurf on. It was only a 20 minute drive and seems ideal so on the next windy day we will be heading back there so hubby can have a play on the water. We took a packed lunch and had a walk around and it was lovely (piccies below). There were hundreds of dragonflies and as I stood watching one skimming across the water a fish literally leapt out of the water to catch it. I was dumbstruck and spent the next twenty minutes at the water’s edge oohing and aaahing as more and more fish took the the skies. Hubby wasn’t quite as quick to catch them as I was but did manage to see one!!

On the way home we had the opportunity to be good samaritans. I spotted a rabbit sat in the middle of the road. It didn’t look as though it had been squished and so after a few minutes discussion we turned the car around and came back to instigate a rescue. I managed to park the car in a nearby lay-by and then armed with some kitchen roll (me – in case I had to pick it up) and a big stick (hubby – not sure what he was going to do with that) we walked towards it. It stayed deathly still until we got level with it and then suddenly sprang into life and leapt across the road and down the grass verge. Had obviously caught sight of the large stick and decided it better move pronto! Oh well at least the thought was there so that has to count for something.

The following evening we had been invited up for diner with Siebo and Catarina. So off we toddled armed with two bottles of wine and had a very enjoyable evening chatting in mix of French, Portuguese and English. Catarina had cooked an amazing meal bearing in mind the limitations we put on ingredients!! (whoops). We met their cats (3) and dogs (2) and had a tour of their house that they had built themselves 7 years ago. They are a lovely family and really have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome here. It will be hard to leave in November.

The next morning saw us up early for the weekly shop. Getting ready to go out means rounding up the cats and making sure they are safely stored away in the caravan!! We have a little stream about 10 feet from the awning and caravan and Molly was over the other side ignoring all attempts to coerce her into coming in. After 5 minutes of futile calling I jumped across the stream to retrieve her. Hubby sensibly as it would turn out stayed on the other side. I started towards her walking through the reasonably long grass and then thankfully had the presence of mind to look down; just in time to stop myself treading on a SNAKE. Snakes are just my worst nightmare and add to that the fact I only had flip flops on and you can just imagine the scene. Much wailing, nashing of teeth and general panic ensued as I threw myself back across the stream toward hubby. He was then dispatched to collect a rather worried looking Molly whilst I had a complete panic attack. I was finally calmed down and hubby went to see if he could find the snake who of course was long gone. I tried to identify it on the internet but couldn’t so I have come to an uneasy truce and as long as it stays its side of the stream then we should be ok.

So, as you can see an eventful week that ended with a nice spot of sunbathing and a dip in the pool yesterday. Bliss……

Lake Divora – actually its a resevoir complete with dam.

Reminded me a bit of a Constable painting


Me perched on the dam wall trying to look all ‘moody and atmospheric’ 🙂

And sorry, no pictures of the snake. Am going to have to get a heck of a lot braver before I can do that.

Rain, birthdays and anniversary’s

Just to cheer up all you snow bound, chilled to the bone friend’s and family back home, we are having less that favourable weather here as well. Come and spend the winter in the sun they say, ideal temperatures to help you forget the weather back home they tell you. What they fail to mention is that when it rains here it goes on and on and on………. It started at lunchtime on Friday and continued constantly until the early hours of Sunday morning. Luckily for me it stopped for exactly 24 hours and the sun came out to let me enjoy my birthday but then it started again early this morning and it looks set for the next two days.  Granted it’s just rain and not snow but we are on a pitch that isn’t perfectly flat – all the flat pitches are in with the permanent tourers and we decided we didn’t want to be in the middle of the Spaniards when they come to enjoy their weekends. So, our pitch falls away to one end and consequently when it rains constantly for 48 hours things start to get a bit wet.

Hubby was dispatched out into the wet on Saturday afternoon to dig some trenches around the awning to channel the worst of the water away and fingers crossed so far it is working. We didn’t get the chance to re-waterproof the ceiling and walls but we only appear to have a few minor leaks around door areas so hopefully it will hold out.

The road down to the coast is beginning to see the results of all the rain with some little landslides throwing rocks and gravel down from the hills. Apparently last March there was a few days of heavy rain and some houses in the surrounding areas were literally washed away!! yikes…….Mind you, it has to be said that these are houses that are just thrown up and not pinned down with solid foundations in any way.

As I mentioned however, Sunday was a lovely day. Clear blue skies and about 18 degrees so I was lucky. I had already decided that I wanted to spend some time on the beach and so we went down to Torre del Mar and walked along the sand and promenade. It was warmer on the coast than up in the hills and although I had a fleecy on the sun was lovely and warm. We wandered around a little market and then sat and had a beer outside a cafe and indulged in a little ‘people watching’ whilst listening to a town band singing some rather jolly songs. I felt very blessed to be enjoying my birthday sat in the sun and breathing in fresh sea air.

After our beer we ambled back to the car and headed home to cook/uncook a meal. We had been planning to eat out but having managed to get an English-speaking copy of Sex and The City 2 I was keen to watch that instead and so made us a 3 course meal in Bessie, which we washed down with a bottle of cava.

Sunday was also our 13th Wedding Anniversary. Time is a funny thing as it certainly doesn’t feel as though we have been married for that long but then when I think about all the things that we have done since we have been married I wonder where we found the time to do them all!! But 13 years and still going strong so roll on the next 13 – I wonder where we will be by then??……

Yesterday also marked 17 years since our two older cats Oscar and Tinker came to live with us, something Oscar obviously wasn’t to thrilled about!! I guess when he came to join us all those years ago he didn’t bank on being as well-traveled as he has since become!! They say cats don’t like change and ours have certainly had their fair share of that over the years.


Thankfully Tinker was slightly more enthusiastic about the whole anniversary deal and happily posed for a little portrait!!

And, so that was our weekend. Lots of rain, lots of celebrating, a little bit of sun and  mercifully no snow!!!