Farmers Markets

Before we left the UK all the fruit and veg that we ate was organic. I used a local farmer for much of it and topped up at the supermarket or health food shop for the rest. No problems as there was an abundance of organic produce available.

When we arrived here though it soon became clear that there wasn’t really much of an organic market especially for fruit and veg. They say that they don’t spray as much here as in the UK but I’m not so sure I agree with that as I often see men walking up and down the avocado groves with their spray tanks strapped to their backs. We tried a few local markets but with no success. They either sold just ordinary produce or we could never even find them. One supermarket does sell a few organic items of fruit but it is over in Malaga so hardly convenient. So I have been getting by with ordinary produce whilst trying to keep me eyes peeled for any organic markets.

You can imagine my excitement then when Harold appeared on the scene. He was another student of Maggie’s but was doing the training at a much slower pace as me and Maria so wasn’t with us all the time. Over one lunch though he told me of an organic farmers market about 10 miles away from us that he went to every Tuesday. He got all his greens there and lots of fruit as well. Woo hoo… last I thought. We couldn’t go whilst I was on the course but this morning we were on for it. Harold had said get there anytime after nine and so we left here at about that time and drove the 10 minutes or so across there finding it very easily. We parked up and out I jumped with bags and camera ready to ‘film’ and ‘photograph’ all the lovely organic produce I was about to buy………or not.

Sadly there was not a potato in sight, lots of artsy crafty stalls, a smattering of clothes stalls, a pet stall, a car parts stall……..but no fruit and veg. To say I was gutted was an understatement. Hubby naturally homed in on the car parts stall and struck up a conversation with ‘Colin’ (yes English as most of the stall owners and people wandering around seemed to be) Oh yes there will be some organic produce he said but they are not set up yet as he pointed over to the corner where a stall stood empty. Oh, just the one then I thought – hardly what I was expecting. Colin also explained that whilst it was called a Farmers Market it was mostly craft stalls and odds and ends.

It was ten o’clock by this stage so I’m not sure what time the lone veggy stall was due to arrive but we didn’t wait. I slunk back to the car dragging my empty bags behind me and off we went to Malaga for the rest of our shopping excursion. We hit Hipercor where we go to stock up on more specialist items of food and got hubby some organic apples so he was happy at least.

Then we hit Bauhaus which is just like B&Q back home. It’s my least favourite place to go as hubby morphs into a little kid at Christmas time as soon as we enter and has been known to spend HOURS in these places. I explained to him that I didn’t understand what it was that men found so fascinating with these stores. ‘Ahhhh he said, you can find all sorts of bits and bobs that will come in really useful’ – ‘yeah, right that you won’t ever use you mean’ was my response. But then I thought……bit like us girlies and clothes shopping. You can find all sorts of goodies that look so pretty and appealing in the shop but when you get them home they just don’t look the same and so get consigned to the back of the wardrobe very often still in the back with the price tag on!!! Touche…..

Anyway, items purchased we started to return to the car and walked through the exit door straight into the bar – A BAR, how cool is that. So now every time we go I will deposit myself in the bar for a coffee or a beer and hubby can take as long as he likes. Not so bad after all.

We then headed back home, stopping of at Carrefour on route to get the rest of our food shopping. We don’t come here every week as again it is a little further out for us but we were very pleasantly surprised to discover that they had added a Bio section (organic ) since the last time we were in there. Not a bad selection and reasonably priced and very popular as well by the looks of things so maybe the organic fruit and veg situation is looking up after all………