We had my best friend and hubby visiting for the last few days and have had a fun time being tourists, eating too much and partaking of the odd glass of beer and wine!! The sun shone brightly for two of the three days and we got to see more of the coast line just before we move on from this area.

We explored the stretch of coast from Malaga to Marbella, taking in Benalmadena on our first day which is built up and very touristy. Despite the abundance of ‘English style’ bars along the beach we managed to find a really nice spot on the sand and wiled away an afternoon eating, drinking and catching up. That evening we went down to Torre del Mar for an Italian which wasn’t overly good unfortunately. Despite attempting Spanish we were given blank looks back from the waiter although we tried the exact same phrases with another waiter the following night with success – go figure!!

The following day we went up the coast in the following direction to Nerja. We all enjoyed this pretty seaside town which is totally different from the coast the other way. It has the right mix of bars, restaurants and shops but manages to keep a ‘Spanish’ feel to the town. We found a lovely little cove and bar for lunch followed by a little mooch around before heading back to base. Another evening out in Torre del Mar for a much nicer meal before we headed back to the campsite with some bottles so we could all enjoy a drink together.

On their last day we headed back towards Malaga so we would be on the right side for the airport. This time we stopped at Fuengirola which supposedly has the ‘nicest marina on the Costa del Sol’. It is a bigger version of Benalmedana and with grey clouds and showers it felt more like Blackpool. Stepping off the sea front was like stepping into a ghost town as most of the shops are shut on Sundays but we managed to find a little square and a nice bar for lunch. If you walk around a bit you can find some nice parts of Fuengirola as everything ‘British’ is concentrated on the sea front. I personally don’t get going abroad and wanting the exact same of what you have at home but I guess some people like the familiarity.

All too soon the weekend was over and we dropped our friends back to the airport for the flight home. It was great to see them and we had a brilliant time, so thanks guys for making the trip and I know I promised not too but here are some photos of your few days in Spain!!!

Lunch in Benalmadena

Me and my ‘bestest friend’!!

Me and the boys!!


Me and hubby

Secret garden..

Beautiful crystal seas, so inviting on a hot day!

View from the beach bar

Fuengirola in the rain!

Group photo!!