Back on the road

Our five month stint in Iznate came to an end yesterday as we packed up and headed down the coast to Cadiz. We had spent the day before packing up and loading up the car so we would be ready to make a quick getaway in the morning. Maria came down bright and early to disconnect the electricity and we soon had the cats loaded up in their baskets and everything ready to go. But as with all our plans this one was not going to go smoothly.

I jumped in the car ready to reverse up to the caravan to hitch up and nothing. Nada, not a bean. We asked our neighbours if they would give us a jump-start and still nothing. Suddenly all our well laid plans slipped away as we realised that we would have to phone the breakdown insurance (again) and get someone out. I have to say though that the service we got was fantastic, just like the first time we used them a few months back.

Within an hour we had a mechanic on site who quickly diagnosed the problem to be our battery. He got us started but said that it was borderline and so with a long journey ahead with caravan and cats on board it didn’t take much to decide to go and get another one. Hubby followed him down to our nearest garage and he explained what we needed. 85 euros lighter he returned and we were ready to go again.

Farewells made to our neighbours and promises to stay in touch we were finally off. Maria came to say goodbye at the gate and more hugs ensued. On our way out I saw our little stray cat ‘Daisy Duke’ who I have been feeding. She was sat with some Spanish caravaners and looked like she had already found someone else to look after her!! Such is the way with cats but I was relieved that she had already sorted herself out with another ‘gravy train’.

The journey was easy and uneventful until we got closer to our destination. Signage in Spain is always a little on the scant side but there was nothing to indicate where the campsite should have been. We followed the directions we had got but nothing. It is always a worry when driving with the caravan that you will take a wrong turning and get lost. With a 37ft rig you can’t afford going the wrong way because there is not much chance of turning around!! We eventually decided to come back on ourselves and found that the site was now well signposted from the opposite direction!! Frustrating to say the least.

So, we finally arrived at our new campsite at around 7.30pm. It is a lot bigger with around 240 pitches and about 100 or so bungalows. It is empty though with 10 or so caravans and the same amount of motorhomes. We found a quiet spot and pitched up for the night leaving the unpacking for this morning.

Oscar took the journey in his stride, sleeping most of the way but Molly hated every minute, meowing and biting her blanket to shreds. She is having ‘intensive cuddle care’ and around the clock attention and managed to sneak onto the bed in the night when hubby got up for the little boys room. He didn’t notice her cuddled in beside me so she got to stay where she was!!

Pictures to follow and exploring to be done but we are glad to be here and on the next stage of our journey……

Avocados and cats

Those of you who know me and my raw food tendancies will know how much I love avocados. I think I have done a previous post about their creamy deliciousness.

Anyway, you can imagine my delight when we arrived in Iznate to discover that we were surrounded by avocado groves and even better than that we even had our own two personal trees on our pitch.

Although I know technically that they aren’t my own personal trees I can’t see the owners of the campsite worrying too much if a few of their avocados find their way into my lunch, not when they have hundreds of trees on their farm in the hillsides around us.

So, I am now happily munching on avocados morning, noon and night and have even managed to sneak some past hubby who is not usually overly interested in my raw food – unless its biscuits, cakes or some sort of raw bread that is. You could say I am in avocado heaven!!

Other news – earlier this morning whilst walking around the site looking for one of my cats (she did eventually reappear) I discovered two feral cats. One black and one white and tortoiseshell. They are very timid and not very old so don’t think they will be a problem to our three. Of course the animal lover in me kicked in and I couldn’t ignore them as every time I called for my cat they meowed at me and looked as though they really wanted a fuss but were just too nervous to attempt it. Later after finding my madam I went back with some biscuits which were devoured with much gusto. I am aware by feeding them that I may very well be creating a rod for my own back but they were just so sweet and they seemed so grateful to be getting some food, although I am also only too aware that cats will have you thinking exactly what they want you to think so I may very well haveĀ  just been played!!! oh well won’t be the first time and I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow with some more biscuits. They aren’t having my avocados though……..