She’s back……

Daisy Duke – I know, I know – is back in the fold this week. As you know she went missing for about 5 days, reappeared for a brief visit one evening and then vanished again. We assumed she had produced kittens and kept our eyes open for any signs of her.

Then one day last week I decided to go and see if I could find her. I went up to the main portion of the campsite where all the permanent caravans are and stopped at the first plot that I came to. I called her name (she actually responds to anything but!!) and she immediately popped up from underneath the caravan. What do you know. I rushed back to fetch her bowl and some tuna which she devoured with gusto. She followed me back to our caravan and stopped for a while and then disappeared again.

The following morning she was back however and hasn’t left us since. So, no kittens – or any live ones anyway. We still suspect she had some but we had some really cold, cold nights and she is a very young cat herself so think that she may have been too inexperienced for them to have survived.

Anyway, she is a constant presence again and our cats have had to get used to her all over again. Oscar seems unfazed by her and even gave her a quick peck on the nose the other morning – I think he quite likes her. Molly is still growling and hissing although less so and Tinker – well she doesn’t go out much anyway so isn’t really that fussed.

I am worrying about how I am going to be able to leave her when we move on as she really is a sweet little cat. She comes and sits on my yoga mat when I practice and leans in on me and purrs whilst I meditate. So cute.

I predict lots of tears ahead……..


Well, you could be forgiven for thinking that I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel in posting about laundry!!! and you may be right but I am trying to give an honest view of life ‘on the road’ and I guess it can’t be rosy all the time??

As I posted yesterday the weather has gone decidedly ‘British’ on us and we are now into day 11 of cooler, cloudier weather, which is having a disastrous effect on my laundry basket.

Whilst we do have washing facilities on site – i.e a washing machine that goes at a snail’s pace – what we don’t have is any drying facilities other than airers and a makeshift washing line tied between two trees.

So, when the weather is cold and damp, the washing won’t dry and so my laundry pile is growing by the day. Now I could wash it and then take it down the launderette to throw in one of their dryers but seriously life is too short to be wasting time doing that malarkey. I know, I won’t ever make housewife of the year with that attitude (sorry mum) but how can I put this – I can’t be bothered!!

Turns out though that I may well have to reconsider that decision as this morning I discovered that I was out of matching undies suitable to wear to my yoga class – hangs head in shame – Now for those of you thinking that isn’t a problem it has to be said here and now that I have a bit of a major hang up about wearing matching undergarments and have done all of my adult life!! so for me this is something of a crisis.

So, do I take this is a prime opportunity to embrace my more bohemian/hippy chick side once and for all and throw all cares of coordinating knickers out the window or do I get my a**e down the laundrette???

Laundrette…….stay at home with a beer……..laundrette……stay at home with a beer……… !!!!!!

Size isn’t everything……

No, its not a post about that!!!! although it got your attention didn’t it??

12 years ago we built a house in the Lake District in the UK. It was a big detached house with 4 double bedrooms, a big ensuite bathroom with double shower, a big main bathroom with double ended bath and laundry shoot, study, lounge, dining room, utility room, big kitchen and double garage – lots of doubles and lots of space – you get the general idea. I tried to find a good picture of it but the one I wanted is amongst those photo’s that I haven’t scanned yet so the best I can do is show this one which is halfway through the build but hopefully it gives an idea of its size.

Like I said everything about this house was big and it was a fun place to live for sure especially when it was full of people. It was a real ‘party’ house. The kitchen I had in this house was big too (again no photo – sorry). It had a central island, lots of lovely shiny stainless steel appliances and lots of counter space. Cooking in it was a dream and because downstairs was all open plan I never felt left out of the party by being stuck in the kitchen.

Fast forward 12 years and we are now living in Bessie.

And this is my kitchen (taken in the middle of preparing lunch!!)

It was one of my concerns (at the back of my mind) when we decided to finally go for this ‘live simply and on the road’ kinda lifestyle, that I would mind the lack of space. Remarkably I don’t. It doesn’t actually feel any different having a big home to having a little teeny tiny home and whilst it was certainly lovely having a big house and lots of space it did take a lot of energy filling it up and then even more energy keeping it all clean and tidy. Now a quick 5 minute whizz around with the dustbuster and the housework is pretty much done!!

I am realising – with a certain measure of relief it must be said – that all I really need is my absolute soul mate and best friend (hubby in case you were wondering!!) and my three gorgeous and very loveable fur babies and I really am one content and happy girl.

So, there you have it – size doesn’t matter – at least not in this case!!

Oh, and for all of you back home in cold, wet and windy Blighty the weather today has been a paltry 13 degrees and it rained all morning. Still it made for some cool skies first thing and hubby took the following piccies on his morning walk just as the sun was coming up. Enjoy…….


The count down has started……

It feels as though we are officially counting down to the off. I had the first of many ‘farewell’ lunches and nights out on Monday. Its amazing what saying you are moving abroad can do for your social life!! I have never been so busy – he he.

On the home front about 95% of our furniture has now been sold. We have two wardrobes and a washing machine left to shift and a huge car boot sale to do and then whatever is left after that will find its way to either a charity shop or the tip.

So, does this mean we now have a new shiny exciting caravan sitting in the drive………….emmmmm no…………… not yet anyway but I have every confidence that we will be looking out the window at our future home very soon. I’m positive of it……absolutely certain…….no problems………..

In the meantime it is all systems go with scanning photo’s to store digitally, downloading CD’s onto the computer and going through my wardrobe once again to make sure that I really do need everything that is still in there. I am still filling bin bags with clothes and trust me there are still plenty left!! (hubby don’t read that bit!).

Boxes are being sorted for storage, money being changed into euros and lists written, rewritten, ticked off, added too and amended on a near hourly basis.

We have also booked our channel tunnel crossing which has definately made it all feel much more real. We have gone for a very early crossing which means that travelling down to Folkestone in the dead of night might be slightly easier than fighting our way around the M25 in daylight hours. I figure that until I get used to towing a caravan the less cars, lorries and other caravans I have to deal with the better.

I am also beginning to make a list of raw goodies that I need to prepare ahead of time to see me through our 2 week drive down to Spain. We are mapping the route out this weekend complete with a few stops off along the way to do some sightseeing and have a bit of a holiday as well. I think after the events of the last two months we are all going to need one……….

Vacuum storage bags and garlic mushrooms…..

An odd combination I will admit but these two things have been a real revelation to me today.

Vacuum bags because it means I can take more of my clothes than originally anticipated – and that is good news believe me because even after three weeks of extemely harsh pruning my wardrobe was still looking unlikely to fit into the suitcase I had allocated myself for life in a caravan (and it is a very large suitcase) But fear not with the aid of quite a few vacuum bags I have managed to squeeze all essential items of clothing into said suitcase and am feeling very happy again. It has to be said that the vast majority of my wardrobe consists of very summery outfits and an obscene amount of bikinis – I counted about 20 this morning – all of which would seem to be rather useless in an English summer so I suspect that my subconscious has been planning this move for some time…….

And as for the garlic mushrooms – well I had the urge for something garlicky this morning and so chopped some portobella mushrooms and simply marinaded them in some olive oil, salt and tonnes of garlic. They were delicious…….and didn’t last very long…….

That’s it for another day…..more boxes, more lists and another glass of wine…….

The cats are off to the vets in the morning for their rabies jabs so wish me luck. We only have to go down the road but the chorus of wails and meows that they treat me to is quite impressive.

38 days and counting

There are 38 days before we are due to drive of to sunny Spain with our new home hooked up to the back of our new shiny car. Too bad we have neither car nor caravan at this point in time – he he……

What I do have though is a house that looks like an atomic bomb has exploded in it, 3 cats who are getting more and more anxious by the day and a hubby who declared this morning that ‘why don’t we just throw of the whole **** lot away as it would save a lot of **** time and ****effort’ – I’ll let you add your own expletives in there for good measure and trust me there were many!!

Despite all the chaos around me at the moment I am actually feeling rather calm and confident that all will prevail and we will be happily trundling off down to the channel tunnel in just over 5 weeks time – when I book it of course!!

Tomorrow we are hopefully going to look at some suitable vehicles (fingers crossed) and at the weekend we are doing a big car boot sale to get rid of the smaller items that aren’t worth putting in the paper. There is so much to do that it can get a bit overwhelming but I am trying hard to look at the bigger picture and breath deeply…….

Glasses of rose wine are helping greatly along with glasses of white wine of course. Happily though my raw journey of which this blog is supposed to be about – not much of that lately – is going remarkably well under the circumstances and it is actually proving quite easy to be raw as I have so many other things to think about that eating any other way is not even entering my head – if I knew that all I had to do to stay raw was orchestrate a move abroad in less than two months – well lets just say that we would have been in Spain three years ago……

Adios for now ………..     emmmmm where did I leave that wine……………..