The count down has started……

It feels as though we are officially counting down to the off. I had the first of many ‘farewell’ lunches and nights out on Monday. Its amazing what saying you are moving abroad can do for your social life!! I have never been so busy – he he.

On the home front about 95% of our furniture has now been sold. We have two wardrobes and a washing machine left to shift and a huge car boot sale to do and then whatever is left after that will find its way to either a charity shop or the tip.

So, does this mean we now have a new shiny exciting caravan sitting in the drive………….emmmmm no…………… not yet anyway but I have every confidence that we will be looking out the window at our future home very soon. I’m positive of it……absolutely certain…….no problems………..

In the meantime it is all systems go with scanning photo’s to store digitally, downloading CD’s onto the computer and going through my wardrobe once again to make sure that I really do need everything that is still in there. I am still filling bin bags with clothes and trust me there are still plenty left!! (hubby don’t read that bit!).

Boxes are being sorted for storage, money being changed into euros and lists written, rewritten, ticked off, added too and amended on a near hourly basis.

We have also booked our channel tunnel crossing which has definately made it all feel much more real. We have gone for a very early crossing which means that travelling down to Folkestone in the dead of night might be slightly easier than fighting our way around the M25 in daylight hours. I figure that until I get used to towing a caravan the less cars, lorries and other caravans I have to deal with the better.

I am also beginning to make a list of raw goodies that I need to prepare ahead of time to see me through our 2 week drive down to Spain. We are mapping the route out this weekend complete with a few stops off along the way to do some sightseeing and have a bit of a holiday as well. I think after the events of the last two months we are all going to need one……….