La Maroma

La Maroma is a mountain that rises up out of the landscape just behind us at the campsite. At an impressive 2066m (or 6700ft in old money) it is a lot taller than any mountain we have back in the UK and taller than anything that we have climbed before.

But climb it we are going to, as hubby as set his sights on it and wont stop talking about it. We have found a route that goes from around the back and is supposedly the easiest. This route also starts from about 3000 odd feet so we get to skip the first bit which is a relief. It will still be akin to climbing Helvellyn  (3117ft – which I haven’t done) or Great Gable (2949ft – which I have) back in the Lake District.

From the top you can see the mountains across in Morocco, Africa so the views are sure to be amazing.

We are planning to do the walk in February when I have finished my teacher training so we will keep you posted. Hubby meanwhile is training on his bike and walking lots – unlike me who is just hoping that I will be able to get up and back down again with minimal effort put in beforehand!!!

And in other news……..we seem to have more than our fair share of poorly cats at the moment. Firstly Tinker was ill on New Years Eve of all nights and we spent the evening clearing up after her bouts of sickness and the other end!! Thankfully we still managed to enjoy our evening but I don’t recommend clearing up cat vomit as a good start to the New Year. She was in quite a state and at 17 years old you start to get worried that this may be the end. She made the ‘mother of all recoveries’ though and by the end of New Years day had pretty much fully recovered. Molly has now taken over in the sick stakes and has been very poorly for the last few days. She seemed to rally a little yesterday but is still far from right and so today we are going to have to take her to the vets.

Now going to the vets is always a traumatic experience all around. For Molly it involves a car journey (not good) then an examination and possible injections (really not good) and then the prospect of being force fed tablets for a prolonged period after (even less good). For me I have to see her upset and distressed and as I have to administer the tablets it means I get to be the one she likes the least for a week or two. Hubby suffers as he has to foot the bill which never seems to correspond with the amount of treatment they get!!

Add into the mix that we are having to do all of this in another language means that we are probably going to be in for a stressful few hours today! Mind you when we were in France we had the best vet ever. The surgery was like a hospital and one of the vets there was French/Irish and spoke the best English (and was quite dishy I seem to remember!!) They were also the cheapest vets we have ever had so it was a win/win situation – except for the cats of course.

Fingers crossed Molly’s illness is not serious and a dose of antibiotics will see her recover in super quick time. I’ll let you know…….