The King has lost his throne…..

I got back from a busy day yogaring, teaching and shopping to discover that hubby had managed a bit of a sales spree himself and gotten rid of (i.e. sold)  a few more of our possessions.

Amongst those things gone today was the dining room table and its six chairs which is great news for us as another large item ticked of the list but not such good news for Oscar who ‘owned’ one of the chairs. It was his, covered in his blankets and his fur and wow betide anyone else – human or furry – who dared to sit on it. It normally resided right next to the arga so absolutely perfect for those chilly winter and summer days but it was known to migrate around the house to keep his nibs happy. (See attached picture of him in the living room over Christmas!!)

Now it is gone and he is bereft without it. I got a full blown account of his displeasure when I arrived home – I kid you not, cats have feelings and are perfectly capable of letting you know about them. When Oscar is unhappy he usually gets his point across by running around at about 100miles an hour – not bad for an old boy – like he is on the wall of death and doing what we call ‘mooseking’ at the top of his voice. To clarify ‘mooseking’ is a variation on a meow and to the uninitiated it sounds like someone has trapped his tail in the door whilst simultaneusly pulling out his claws one by one. Its not pretty. After two bowls of food, a cuddle and some rather large sprays of feliway around the bedroom he is now recovering on the bed.

All quiet for now but I hate to think what will happen when its time for bed later. We may be wearing ear plugs tonight.

Suddenly I am wondering whether or not it is such a wise decision to be taking 3 cats on a trip around Europe in a glorified tin can…………oh well too late now and it should make for some interesting blogging entries!!!!!!