She’s back……

Daisy Duke – I know, I know – is back in the fold this week. As you know she went missing for about 5 days, reappeared for a brief visit one evening and then vanished again. We assumed she had produced kittens and kept our eyes open for any signs of her.

Then one day last week I decided to go and see if I could find her. I went up to the main portion of the campsite where all the permanent caravans are and stopped at the first plot that I came to. I called her name (she actually responds to anything but!!) and she immediately popped up from underneath the caravan. What do you know. I rushed back to fetch her bowl and some tuna which she devoured with gusto. She followed me back to our caravan and stopped for a while and then disappeared again.

The following morning she was back however and hasn’t left us since. So, no kittens – or any live ones anyway. We still suspect she had some but we had some really cold, cold nights and she is a very young cat herself so think that she may have been too inexperienced for them to have survived.

Anyway, she is a constant presence again and our cats have had to get used to her all over again. Oscar seems unfazed by her and even gave her a quick peck on the nose the other morning – I think he quite likes her. Molly is still growling and hissing although less so and Tinker – well she doesn’t go out much anyway so isn’t really that fussed.

I am worrying about how I am going to be able to leave her when we move on as she really is a sweet little cat. She comes and sits on my yoga mat when I practice and leans in on me and purrs whilst I meditate. So cute.

I predict lots of tears ahead……..

Winter and kittens!!

As my sister just said to me via Facebook – ‘Can’t be hot all the time sis!!’ Disappointingly she’s not wrong. I guess you could say that winter has hit Iznate. We have snow on La Maroma; note to hubby – won’t be climbing that then until it’s cleared!! and its bloomin’ freezing.

Tried to practice some yoga down in the restaurant on site (they let us use it as it’s not open at the moment) but we gave up after 40 minutes as my nose was running and I was starting to shiver – and I had 2 tops, a fleecy and 2 pairs of socks on!!

I know we can’t expect good weather all the time and it is only the middle of January but last week it was 25 degrees and I was in shorts and vest!

The cats are refusing to go out and have taken over the bed instead so I am trying to work in the midst of them all. But on the up side it is nice and cosy in the caravan and we are still very lucky to be here so I will stop complaining there.

Daisy our feral cat that we have been feeding since we arrived went missing last week. She disappeared for about 5 days before making a hasty reappearance on friday morning to eat before going again. We suspect she may have had kittens and has them holed up somewhere (hopefully in a place that is well protected and out of the cold) I am keeping an ear out for her today in case she leaves the kitties for some more food and am anticipating her bringing her babies to us at some point!! Hubby is obviously dreading this moment as he knows that it will be hard to resist little baby bundles of fur – for him as well as me. Am just thinking that we could stack the cat boxes one on top of the other in the back of the car when we go and get twice as many in!!!!

I’ll keep you posted on any kitten news.


What happens when domestic cats meet a feral cat??

Move over, there’s a new kid on the block. Well strictly speaking my three fur babies are the new kids on the block but they have been undisturbed since we have been here. There are a few feral cats on site but have pretty much kept themselves to themselves since we arrived with the exception of missy here in the picture.

I fed her a handful of times when we first arrived – I know but I’m a sucker for a cute furry face – but I then decided that maybe I was biting off more than I could chew and so stopped. Last week we had a few Spanish on site and so it was a bit noisier than usual and so I didn’t see her all week but then two days ago she reappeared and pretty much decided that she wanted to move in!!

I am still not feeding her but that hasn’t dissuaded her from turning up several times a day and requesting attention!! She is very sweet but I was getting concerned as to the reaction of my guys when they saw her so close to their territory and home. This morning I got my answer as they meet face to face outside the tent. She seemed completely unfazed by the meeting happily sitting and watching what was going on. Oscar was quite perturbed to start with – some hissing and growling to make it known that he was boss. Then he slunk away and sat under the drying washing – sending mixed signals there Oscie!! and finally a lot of sitting and staring at each other ensued.

They were joined by a rather shocked Molly who went and sat in her usual spot under the bush not realising that Daisy (yes I have named her) was sat on the wall above. Cue some rather startled stares – ears back in the I’m not impressed position and very fat tail. She also growled but not until later when I had picked her up and she felt brave enough to voice her displeasure.

For the most part they all just sat in a circle staring at each other as if daring someone to move first. It was quite comical. In the end they all got bored and Daisy wandered off. I think things will probably be ok and they will get used to each other.

Spot Molly on the right hand side crouched down by the wall – she sure wasn’t expecting Daisy to be there!!

Damn – how did I get into this predicament???

The big stare out…..who moves first, it’s a matter of pride you know!!

So, no big scuffles or rumbles, just a fairly dignified acceptance of each other. Maybe we could learn something from our furry friends……..



Avocados and cats

Those of you who know me and my raw food tendancies will know how much I love avocados. I think I have done a previous post about their creamy deliciousness.

Anyway, you can imagine my delight when we arrived in Iznate to discover that we were surrounded by avocado groves and even better than that we even had our own two personal trees on our pitch.

Although I know technically that they aren’t my own personal trees I can’t see the owners of the campsite worrying too much if a few of their avocados find their way into my lunch, not when they have hundreds of trees on their farm in the hillsides around us.

So, I am now happily munching on avocados morning, noon and night and have even managed to sneak some past hubby who is not usually overly interested in my raw food – unless its biscuits, cakes or some sort of raw bread that is. You could say I am in avocado heaven!!

Other news – earlier this morning whilst walking around the site looking for one of my cats (she did eventually reappear) I discovered two feral cats. One black and one white and tortoiseshell. They are very timid and not very old so don’t think they will be a problem to our three. Of course the animal lover in me kicked in and I couldn’t ignore them as every time I called for my cat they meowed at me and looked as though they really wanted a fuss but were just too nervous to attempt it. Later after finding my madam I went back with some biscuits which were devoured with much gusto. I am aware by feeding them that I may very well be creating a rod for my own back but they were just so sweet and they seemed so grateful to be getting some food, although I am also only too aware that cats will have you thinking exactly what they want you to think so I may very well haveĀ  just been played!!! oh well won’t be the first time and I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow with some more biscuits. They aren’t having my avocados though……..