Now it feels real…….

Woo hoo……..we have a caravan, what a relief. After a very long and tiring few days our search ended much further afield than we had hoped – we hit the road at 6am yesterday and didn’t get back home til gone midnight this morning!!

BUT, we finally found our caravan – the picture isn’t actually ours but it is the same make and model.

Bessie the caravan (named because she is a Bessacar Cameo 500GLE – so obviously a Bessie) is still ‘up north’ where she is having all her predispatch checks and a few odd jobs done on her to make her ship shape for us to take. We collect her next Tuesday which is cutting it fine as we leave on Thursday but it justs adds to the fun right!!

The search of the last few days has been pretty manic and we have been running on adrenaline for most of the time. We have looked at so many caravans and seen for the most part some real dross. We aren’t buying new and the second hand market is still overpriced (like most things it seems) and so to find something that is actually fairly priced and not in apalling condition is no mean feat but Bessie certainly fits the bill and as we drove home last night the excitement was beginning to trickle through – hubby even managed a celebratory whoop of delight in the middle of the motorway services carpark!! In the howling wind and rain no-one noticed except me who was whooping along as well!!

The next few days are going to be mega busy as we frantically tie up all the loose ends, take copious amounts of rubbish down the tip including some left over furniture, clear the last of the garden, pack up the last of the storage boxes, finish scanning about 3000 photos to the computer, pack up the caravan when she arrives, clean the house and whatever else needs doing that I can’t even think about at the moment!!

We also have to keep abreast of the situation unfolding in France. They are striking against a proposed raise in retirement age from 60 to 62 and are blockading oil refineries which has caused big fuel shortages all across the country. Unfortunately we can’t get across France on one tank of fuel and so we could be stopped up there for longer than we want!! Fingers crossed the situation will be resolved before we get there next week.

So, thats our latest news and progress report!! 9 days to go and it feels very real now……………