To market….to market

Those of you who have been following my little ole travel blog will know that we have been having difficulty finding a market on which to buy fruit and veg. Not sure why or how these markets has been escaping us: I do sometimes wonder if hubby and I are living in a parallel universe whereby much of the ordinary world just passes us by unnoticed, but there has been much angst and gnashing of teeth on our trips out to find them. Either they weren’t where they were supposed to be, or there were plenty of other things at the market and no produce, or (and this happened several times) we couldn’t find them at all.

We decided to give it another shot on saturday and head down to Caletta where one of our neighbours had told us there was a big market. To be fair to him he did tell us when we first arrived but for some reason we never went (I know!!) Anyway, we trundled off not really expecting to find anything and not knowing whereabouts in Caletta it was. We got to Caletta, which is about 15 miles from us and were driving along the main drag wondering where it was and also wondering why it was so busy!! when hubby looked to my side of the car and said ‘oh there it is’. Yep there indeed, a big old market stretching along the side of the road – we had already driven past half of it before we realised it was there!! – see this is what I mean about living in a parallel universe.

We parked further down the street and headed back bags in hand enthusiastic about what we would find. It sold all sorts, much like the big saturday morning markets back at home. There were plenty of fruit and veggie stalls and we found just what we needed and the prices were great.

Bonatas (sweet potatoes) at 1 euro a kilo, calabacin (courgettes) also 1 euro a kilo, 2 big lechugas (lettuce) and 4 large limons (lemons) for 2.25 euros, 3 big bags of spices for 3 euros, a big basil plant for a euro and a kilo of organic avocados for 1 euro 50.

We got to practice our Spanish, asking for prices etc and I understood everything except for the reply I got from an old lady when I asked the prices of her courgettes – no idea what she said and also no idea what the German man stood next to me said who very helpfully translated her reply into German for me!! Andalusians speak a different version of Spanish to the rest of Spain (trust us to pick this area!) A lot of the letters are pronounced as different letters, there is a VERY strong lisp, they miss the s’s out of words a lot and of course they speak so fast. We are picking up bits and hand gestures/miming is coming in very useful; I reackon I would be hard to beat at charades at the moment!

Hubby also brought me a rose – who said romance is dead!! and then we went and had a coffee in a little cafe and watched the rest of the market goers walking up and down for a bit. Coffee is something that I haven’t given up completely. I only have it now and again and it has to be proper black coffee – none of this instant malarkey. Saturday’s coffee was delicious, just the right side of strong and nice and hot. I enjoyed.

So, finally a market, just as we are thinking about moving on – typical us, but I can see what we will be doing every saturday until we do go!!……..