Taking my Raw Food Journey on the road

We’ve been sitting on a big decision this last week. It is one of those decisions that isĀ  exciting and scary in equal measure. Our landlord gave us notice to quit our little bungalow as he wants it back for himself and so it gave us the kick that we needed to turn a long held dream into a reality.

We have spent the week talking and thinking and talking and researching and then talking some more about how we could make our plan work all the while trying to let go and allow the universe to make the decision for us (always best to leave the deciding part to someone else!!)

Anyway, it seems that we arrived at the point over the weekend where we moved from making the decision to making the plans and so I think we are on our way……

We are planning to set out from Englands green and pleasant lands at the end of October and travel with caravan across to France arriving down in Spain in the New Year. We will spend some time in Spain whilst I complete some yoga teacher training and then Europe is our oyster!!

It is our plan to travel and live full time in the caravan and for me facilitate ‘Raw Food and Yoga retreats’ as we go.

The thought of completely downsizing is very liberating for me at this moment in my life although the reality of two adults and three cats – yes they are coming with us – living together in a glorified tin can maybe somewhat difficult to adjust to at first but I’ve no doubt that adjust we will.

It has long been our dream to roam at will and it definately suits our nomadic lifestyle – we have lived in 30 houses between the two of us 7 of those together so you could say that we are not the types to put roots down through our physical abodes.

So, my raw food journey is going on the road. Living simply will be the key and raw food suits that type of living extremely well. I intend to continue to blog and start to add videos as well to document our travels.

We are full of lists and plans at the moment and everything is evolving by the day. Hubby is dealing with the more practical stuff like purchasing a caravan (which we then plan to gut and redesign so it is more conducive to full time living) buying a bigger car that will be able to tow said caravan and finding a suitable mobile connection that will provide us with enough bandwidth to run our businesses through – this could potentially be a stumbling block so keep your fingers crossed.

I am dealing with packing up the house and selling most of its contents, storing those few items that we simply can’t part with but which can’t come with us and deciding what we can fit in and take. That and finding a caravan towing course for yours truly to go on so I can at least get some experience of what it is going to be like to tow this monster before I have to hit the M25 on route to the English Channel!!

So, that is our big news and what has been keeping me occupied this past week and stopping me from getting on with anything that doesn’t involve thinking about caravans, sunny climates and packing. It is what has been making me eat raw deserts for breakfast, lunch and tea – seriously has to stop!, it is what has made me avoid my yoga mat like the plague – just can’t concentrate on anything else for 2 seconds let alone a whole sun salutation! and basically it is what has taken over my life. Now it is out in the open I hope that I can calm down a little and that normal service can be resummed. Lets hope so because October is still a way off yet and I could even bore myself to death by then……..