The sun doesn’t always shine….

We have had a few days of less than perfect weather….cloudy skies and even some rain – I had to google what this wet stuff was that was falling from the skies it had been that long since we last had inclement weather 😉

Not to be beaten though we still ventured out for a walk yesterday but stayed close to home less a quick retreat was needed. It wasn’t and we had a lovely, little walk up into the hills just off our main road.

What is amazing once you get up into the hills is the multitude of little tracks that snake their way around linking each hill together and the amount of houses and small communities there are that you never even see from the main roads.

We walked past quite a few houses as we puffed our way up the steep climbs (these will come in useful further down the line for my marathon training 🙂 )

Almost all the houses had dogs either chained up or running along the perimeter fences barking for all their worth. I have not come across one yet that actually looks like it means any harm. Tails wagging they are more desperate for some attention and often come and stick ears and heads through the railings for a scrunge and tickle. I have even persuaded hubby (who has a childhood fear of dogs) that they are just bored and not a threat and he now tries talking to them instead of being scared.

Once at the top of the hills we got the blanket out and sat for a cuppa and some raw chocolate brownies that I had made earlier and took in the view whilst keeping an eye on the black clouds that were rolling in from the sea…..

It all worked out fine though and we made it down before it got too cold and rained again…..

Cloudy skies

Our campsite from a different angle (middle of picture)

This will make a good training run….

Grey skies but lovely spring flowers add a splash of colour still….