Moving abroad is quite a tall order, moving abroad with only two months notice – well that may well seem like madness. But that is the order we have set ourselves and so long days and sleepless nights – interspersed with nightmares about caravans disintegrating (I kid you not) are what we have to get used to for the next 6 and a half weeks.

Its a strange job packing up all your belongings with a view to selling 90% of them off. This weekend we had the first of what I’m sure will be many house/garden and garage sales. The house looks like some sort of warehouse at the moment with boxes everywhere and most of our furniture congregated in our conservatory to make it easier for people to view it.

Having people trapse through your house umming and arghing over your wardrobes and bookcases is also somewhat surreal. Then they start to haggle with you over the price and although you know you have to go through the ritual (people love to haggle right) all you really want to shout is ‘just frikin take it’ but obvioulsy you can’t and so you politely go through the whole procedure.

Chilled white wine seems to make the task easier to bear and has made a welcome return to our house this weekend. I fear it may now be our steady companion until we take to the road at the end of October. Its amazing the effect that first sip will have at the end of a particularly stressful day.

This week will see more ads being placed and more lists being made and more boxes being sorted. My wardrobe which was once vast is now shrinking by the day as I keep sifting through it and consigning most of the contents to the ebay/charity shop piles.Somehow I don’t think that the Betty Jackson faux fur jacket (that I have never worn but which brings a smile to my face everytime I see it) is going to come in very useful in southern Spain – at least I hope not….

Despite all the upheaval and disruption there is an underlying sense of excitement that is building by the week. I keep having to stop and remember that very soon we will be on the road and living what we have been dreaming about over the last few years. When I think of that then I break out into an enormous smile and the mad juggling that is going on at the moment is all worth it……