Thursday – another juicer bites the dust….

Anyone who knows me or who reads this blog will know that I am a big juice fan and have a least one glass of green loveliness everyday. What you don’t know is that I seem to be the kiss of death for any juicer that has the misfortune to cross my path.

Yesterday the 3rd juicer in 3 and a half years blew up on me. I am gutted. The first two juicers I had were the same make and middle of the road price wise. They were absolutely fine but neither one lasted longer than a year. The 3rd juicer I brought was a cheaper model that I intended to use until I decided what I was going to do/buy next. After much deliberation I went for a more expensive model and was delighted with it as it was faster, produced more juice and was very easy to keep clean. Delighted until yesterday that was when half way through juicing a big bowlful of spinach it decided to hang up its juicy boots and retire.

What am I doing wrong?? Why do these juicers only last just over a year – just long enough for their warranties to expire – and then conk out. Is it a conspiricy?? Are all juicers programmed to die young?? Am I using it too much??

Big sigh……….. So today I am back with the cheapie juicer that fingers crossed is still working. It is much slower, can only take teeny tiny pieces of fruit at a time and produces much less juice but at least it works and at least I got my green juice this morning. I would seriously be bereft without it.

I have no idea what to do next – keep using the cheapie one until it joins its mates in juicer heaven I expect and then decide from there.

Anyone else had problems like this?????