Well, you could be forgiven for thinking that I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel in posting about laundry!!! and you may be right but I am trying to give an honest view of life ‘on the road’ and I guess it can’t be rosy all the time??

As I posted yesterday the weather has gone decidedly ‘British’ on us and we are now into day 11 of cooler, cloudier weather, which is having a disastrous effect on my laundry basket.

Whilst we do have washing facilities on site – i.e a washing machine that goes at a snail’s pace – what we don’t have is any drying facilities other than airers and a makeshift washing line tied between two trees.

So, when the weather is cold and damp, the washing won’t dry and so my laundry pile is growing by the day. Now I could wash it and then take it down the launderette to throw in one of their dryers but seriously life is too short to be wasting time doing that malarkey. I know, I won’t ever make housewife of the year with that attitude (sorry mum) but how can I put this – I can’t be bothered!!

Turns out though that I may well have to reconsider that decision as this morning I discovered that I was out of matching undies suitable to wear to my yoga class – hangs head in shame – Now for those of you thinking that isn’t a problem it has to be said here and now that I have a bit of a major hang up about wearing matching undergarments and have done all of my adult life!! so for me this is something of a crisis.

So, do I take this is a prime opportunity to embrace my more bohemian/hippy chick side once and for all and throw all cares of coordinating knickers out the window or do I get my a**e down the laundrette???

Laundrette…….stay at home with a beer……..laundrette……stay at home with a beer……… !!!!!!