I woke up this morning feeling frazzled – not good after 8 hours of supposedly restorative sleep, that didn’t work then…..I was feeling very anxious about the lack of caravan and the fact that the clock is ticking…..loudly it seemed. Everything was winding me up, the dogs next door barking, our cats indoors meowing, even Chris Evans on the radio couldn’t raise a smile instead making me even more ratty that he was so happy jabbering on about something or other when all I could think about was HOW EMPTY OUR DRIVE LOOKED……..

We have just over two weeks left and over the course of this morning I managed to convince myself that at the end of that time we are going to be sleeping in the back of the car – all five of us!!!!!

Of course eventually I managed to calm myself down and sit long enough to reason with myself. Two weeks is long enough – one day is long enough to find and buy a caravan. Why am I so preoccupied with having it now – actually I’d rather have it yesterday if at all possible – he he, no but seriously why am I buying into this desire to have everything before we actually need it. The caravan will appear on our horizon at just the right time and there is nothing we can do to expediate that. I have to have PATIENCE. Its a good lesson to learn. To truly understand that I have everything that I need right here and right now and whatever I need for the future will find its way to me when I need it to.

So, I’m taking a deep breath and giving up feeling like this

and concentrating on feeling like this

I reackon it will serve me better, make the process a little easier and also save me from the divorce courts!!!!

Oh and other things I have learnt today – don’t let your cats sit on your husbands office chair as it makes for 40 minutes of hair removal when you want to come and sell it!!!! either that or give the cats a number 1 hair cut and buy them a jumper…….

Tomorrow I am going to post about raw food – which is actually what this blog is supposed to be about after all…….