Winter hikes…..

Back home in the UK hiking in the winter invariably looked like thisย โ†‘ Crisp, ice cold days with snow on the hills, wrapped up in layers of warm clothes, woolly hats and gloves.

Walks were brisk with short breaks for refreshments washed down by flasks of piping hot tea or coffee.

On Saturday we went for a hike in the Monte De Malaga Parque Natural and within minutes of setting off up the road I had shed down to a sleeveless t-shirt and was wishing I had worn my shorts.

Our picnic was taken at a more leisurely pace with a post feast doze in the sun……..bliss ๐Ÿ™‚

Walking through pine forests with their scent wafting through the air was intoxicating and with the view looking out across the sea obscured by hazy sunshine it was difficult to remember that this was the end of November and not the middle of the summer.

Hiking is one of our favourite outdoor pass times and we would be fools to pass up the chance to indulge in such gorgeous conditions.

Hope you enjoy the photos…..

I love finding little properties like this perched up in the hills. With some TLC this would make the perfect retreat center…… ๐Ÿ™‚