More goodbyes…….

Today saw me carry out my last Personal Training session. It has been a bitter sweet week saying goodbye to clients, some of whom I have been training for the last four to five years.

We have had such fun working together over the years – granted at times they would have disputed the term ‘fun’ – burpess and mountain climbers are not most peoples idea of an enjoyable way to spend an hour, but hopefully the giggles we have had along the way make up for the sweat and torture I have often inflicted on them.

Getting to do something that you really enjoy is a priviledge and certainly not something that falls into the category of work and I thank each and everyone of my clients for allowing me into their homes every week.

If you are reading this as I know some of you do then I hope that you have all gained something from our time together and will take that on either working with other people or continuing on your own.

Although I am now turning my attentions towards yoga and fullfilling a long held desire to roam the world (or at least a small part of it) my love for Personal Training remains and you never know – I may be back one day and look you all up to start over again – be afraid…… very afraid………he he.

And for those of you who have caught the yoga bug from me then I truly hope I will see you on a mat near me in the not too distant future as you sample one of my retreats.

Good luck and thank you all for some lovely times together……….