We drove into Cadiz on Saturday to have a look around.

Cadiz was founded about 1,100 years B.C., which makes it not only the oldest city in Europe and but also probably in the western world. Cadiz enjoys a long (over 3,000 years!) and illustrious history and has been home to many cultures and civilizations – Phoenicians, Greek, Visigoth, Roman, Moorish, Spanish, to name a few.

It is situated on a ‘spit’ with the old part of the city at the far end. After parking up we walked through the old city walls to explore the narrow streets and history that this city offers.

Unfortunately we picked the wrong day to do our sightseeing as the wind was still blowing up a storm. Hubby left his sunglasses in the car and later commented that ‘all he got to see of Cadiz was the pavement as the wind was blowing so much sand around that he just had to keep his head down’

We walked down one side of city towards the end of the spit and the Castle of San Sebastian. This is a military fortification that is unused today at the end of a narrow stone pier with the sea on both sides. It was pretty blowy by the time we started to walk down but by the time we got halfway along we were having serious trouble standing up. Being sandblasted at high winds is actually rather painful and we quickly made the decision to abandon our walk and retreat. We could see by this stage that the castle was all shut up so it was an easy decision to make. Unfortunately at this point my sunglasses got pulled of my face and flung out over the sea wall. Luckily I’m not a ‘label’ kinda girl and so didn’t feel the need to throw myself in after them!!

Safely back at the other end we retreated into the narrow streets and wandered around for a bit. Cadiz is a strange mix of very old and new; although the new cannot really be described as new with peeling paint and masonry giving everything a rather ‘tired’ feel to it.

On the other side of the spit is the port area and there was a big cruise ship docked up for the day, which made for quite a shock as you came around a corner and it was just there towering above you.

In the end the wind got the better of us and we retreated back to the relative shelter of the campsite, but not before I took a load of photo’s. Hope you enjoy and they give you a feel for the place.

The old and the new skylines jostling together.

The city walls built after an invasion by the British led by Sir Francis Drake

One of the many towers dotted around that once helped protect the city from attack

Loved the multi colored pyramid tower in between the two domes

You can see how narrow Cadiz is, we are on one side of the spit and this cruise ship is docked up on the other

A colony of cats lived just the other side of the sea wall on the rocks. There were dozens of them all sheltering in bushes or laying in the sun. Lots of fish bones littered around so they obviously eat well.

Castle of San Sebastian. It is closed at the moment whilst it is refurbished.

Being blown around in the wind – prior to losing my sunglasses

The old hospital!! Thank goodness they don’t still use it.

Hubby reluctantly posing!!

Cruise ship up close

The smell of the blossom on the trees was overpowering in this square – no idea what the building was though!! Probably the town hall.

And finally, for my friend Candi; bet you had no idea there was a street named after you in Cadiz did you??!!