My yoga mat and I have been strangers these last few weeks since we got the ‘big news’ and my world turned upside down. I had intended to spend the summer working on loosening my hips up but alas I fear they are probably tighter than ever by now.

I have managed a few times to roll my mat out and quieten my mind long enough to do something of worth by these moments have been few and far between.

Most of my time is now spent making copious ‘to do’ lists whilst slowly clearing through 43 years of accumulated ‘stuff’ – and that is just mine. Hubby went through two of his boxes this morning that have been sealed up since our last move. His ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ were quite comical – like a little boy on christmas morning – until it got too much and he repacked said boxes and said he didn’t have the time to do them just yet!!! Deep breath from me………

Maybe now would be a good time to get back on my yoga mat and use that time to refocus, re-energise and bring my mind back from pinging around the ceiling and reground it. Tomorrow I am off to a morning yoga session with some lovely friends and I think it could be just what I need. Then perhaps we can tackle hubby’s boxes again…….


We have had visitors with us all over the bank holiday weekend but now they have gone it is back to the task in hand and sorting through our possessions with a view to:- storing, selling or taking.

It is an enormous task as we slowly realise just how little ‘stuff’ we are going to be able to take with us. Once you take clothes, work and kitchen equipment and all other essential items out of the equation there isn’t much room for anything else.

It is a liberating feeling getting rid of material possessions that we really don’t use. They are just clutter around the house – ‘dust catchers’ – and it feels right to be consigning them to a life without us. I have surprised myself by having minimal emotional attachment to much of what I own. Obviously things like my grandmothers’ crystal will be carefull stored away but other ornaments that I have collected along the way no longer have the same ‘oh I can’t get rid of this’ like they once used to.

So, as I am decluttering and detoxing my life from all unnecessary paraphernalia I decided that I may as well declutter and detox my body as well. I am going to start a juice feast tomorrow and continue until I feel otherwise.

It is going to be a very busy few weeks and it will be good to deal with it all on the clear head that juice feasting usually gives me. I have been shopping and stocked up on all my favourite fruits and veggies so that I can start bright and early with the juice in the morning.

For now its back to the sorting………………