Silly Post Alert!!!

Hubby’s keyboard retired itself from active service yesterday so it meant that last night we had to take a trip out to the supermarket to buy a new one. Ever since we have been on the road hubby has voluntarily!! accompanied me to do the weekly shop – or any shopping for that matter; something that rarely happened back home.

It took a few weeks to ‘train’ him to my approach to supermarket shopping – get in, hit it fast and get out again as quickly as possible – but now he no longer meanders down all the aisles it is quite nice to have the company. The supermarkets here are all in shopping malls and so there are plenty of other shops to look at or in and usually a cafe to have some refreshment in after.

Anyway I digress. Last night we hit one of the bigger supermarkets that we go too as we knew it had a good electrical department and sure enough we soon picked out a new ‘slim itsy bitsy’ keyboard – the perfect replacement to the old more chunky style one he was using.

We then nipped around the rest of the store picking up a few bits and pieces for the weekend. Whilst hot footing it to the ‘drinks’ aisle hubby suggested that I take a picture of the ‘bimbo’ bread that was on prominent display at the end of an aisle. ‘You can put it on your blog’ he said. Emmmmmm……I was mulling it over when I came to the next aisle and saw the following and decision made whipped my camera straight out……

And to accompany your morning cup of ‘bonka’ coffee how about???

a nice slice of ‘Bimbo’ toast………

I know, I know…..I did warn you this was going to be a silly post……..the best bit though was as we were walking away giggling to ourselves (no-one does school boy humour quite as good as the English right??) I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a very stern looking security guard behind me who proceeded to inform me that photo’s were not allowed.

Whoops, apologies made we slunk off impressed with the speed with which we were ‘apprehended’, I mean seriously waiting for a policeman in the UK can take some considerably time, but take a photo of some food in a Spanish supermarket and within seconds you are tracked down and dealt with. Or maybe they are just used to the strange antics of English people coming in and taking photo’s of their food and then fall about laughing………..he he he ….happy days!!!!